Thursday, October 27, 2011

Six Days of Horror! Day 3: Our Scariest Work! 2009-2011

Old School here continuing our Six Days of Horror with the scariest conversions, paint jobs commissions and projects DFG has ever produced. When I started this series, I really wanted to experiment with ways to give people out there credit for their work and to highlight some really evil modelling ... but we have never really posted anything that links back to our work and I have to say, looking back over the last three years, we have some pretty evil stuff of our own, so let's take a trip through the scariest stuff we have produced today through the magic of photos and links!

First up is the Tervigon Alpha I made a while back. This project was scary for a number of reasons: I knew that other people would have a similar idea and that I would be the first to get it done, which put a lot of pressure on me to make it look good. I also had taken this model before it was *cough* released, which was scary for a few people needless to say. Then, it's also scary because ... well, she is a scary looking lady!

I really had a lot of fun with this project and if anyone would like to see how the whole process worked from concept to reality, check out the Project Dryder series here.

What says trick or treat better than a lobotimized, genetically enhanced, berzerk killer riding on a daemon-forged brass bull monster? I don't know ... but I hope they accept candy over my blood and skull.

The FW berzerkers on Juggernaughts project ... or Khorne Khavalry as I call them were my summer project from last year and I really had a lot of fun with them. The ferocity of the models, the blood, gore and all that damned red just looks great to me every time I open up the closet where I keep my painting gear.

My only hope is that the rumored Chaos Legions book allows me to field these guys in force as I still have several unpainted berzerkers and even Kharn the Betrayer riding on a Juggernaught!

Like I said, this may have been the most fun I ever had building and painting miniatures. I seriously would take the models around in the front seat of my car and just stare at them (much more dangerous than texting and driving!). If you never got a chance to see these projects when they were originally posted, then follow this link to the Khorne Khav.

This year, CVinton proved that loyalist imperial armies weren't the only thing he could add awesome to via his paintbrush ... and he also proved that there were scarier things on his mind than what he tried to do to me at Adepticon (inside joke, lol) when he unvieled his Night Lords this Summer. Inspired by the Soul Hunter and Soul Reaver books, CV set out on a path of desolation and blasphemy that produced Talos, his counts-as Mephiston and many more works of horror.

These Assault termies are another great example of what fluff + amazing ability are capable of, check out even more photos of these magnetised evil doers here.

CVinton even was crazy enough to start banging out Pre-Heresy armored Night Lords!

And who could forget his infamous defiler conversion, complete with impaled Space Marines!

Oh, and may we never forget the controversial crucified Space Marine! I hopr this part of the Night Lords Project comes back in the form of an objective Marker or something!

While we are talking about CVinton, we can't forget the Salamanders Land Raider Video Series he created when he came back from ONE green stuff class and proceeded to whip out the bad ass Land Raider seen above. If you never checked out the videos ... and maybe you just took some ecstacy and want to roll out to some crazy music ... check out the link, it will blow your mind!

Since January of 2011, Cvinton and I embarked on something we called the DFG Painting Challenge, in which we faced off every two weeks, throwing down our best effort on completed vehicles and units. What's come of it so far has been some of my favorite work from either of us so far ...

Like this Iron Warriors Dreadclaw Drop Pod conversion I put together back in January, which faced off on the first challenge opposite CVinton's Magnetic Salamanders Rhino/ Predator

It was a good week for tanks and I decided to step up the game during the next challenge ...

... by re-painting my old Nurgle Vindicator! This tank is my baby and has been with me for a long time and it was great to see it next to CVinton's Predator in the Cool Mini or Not gallery at Adepticon last year. Other great stuff from the challenge includes:

CVinton's "Dead Presidents" Salamander Scouts

Hornblower's Death Company Dreadnought

and Wolfson's Howling Banshees.

If you haven't checked out the DFG Painting Challenge, then visit the page through the link and check it out .. and it's never too late to join the challenge!

Another Scary Conversion from the DFG crew comes from SAMSQUANTCH MONSTER:

Sammy built this savage Las/plas razorback for his Space Wolves using an entire box of Chaos Space Marines! His wolves piled up the bodies of their hated enemies and I have vowed that this will be the first tank destroyed in any game Sammy and I have where I field my Chaos!

I can't end this LONG post without throwing up some older work, so here it goes:

My Tower of Skulls Commission, which if you follow the link, will walk you through the whole project. Aside from the fact that the cannon was compared to a cat's private parts by Cvinton, the scariest thing about this commission was either the way I got paid or the fact that this model likely got traded on the black market for a handful of magic beans! In all seriousness, I loved making this vehicle and a TON of bits and kits from various companies went into the construction. I had to keep the paint job in the level 1 range for the client's budget, but if the model ever made it back to me, I would give it the love it truly deserves!

This Scorpion Defiler was my very first vehicle conversion and in true Khorne fashion almost sent me to the hospital when I nearly cut my own thumb off. There was still trace amounts of blood on the mini when I painted it, thus sealing my deal with the blood god that it performs well on the table!

This was the first Tervigon I ever built and while not as epic as the Tervigon Alpha, the big-booty mama (click the link and take a look at that rump!) is still pretty special to me and, as with every project, you learn things along the way that help with future projects.

Reaching WAAAAAAAY back to Christmas 2009, we ran a series called the Eight Days of Khornemas, where I produced a group of Movie Marine style Berzerkers, that I sadly still haven't painted:

These guys were a lot of fun to build and you can see more pics of them through this link. Scarier than the models, was the fact that Sammy's girlfriend noticed that the book they are standing on is Twilight ... damn it. You can only imagine what that led to when the gamers at the store found out - go ahead, get the "You know how I know you're gay" jokes out, it's all good.

Going even further back, we find the one thing that any Halloween post needs and that's zombies!

That zombie is a part of the basing for  My Nurgle Daemon Prince from 2009.

He is still rolling strong in my Death Guard and if you want to see more of him just follow this link.

And finally, I will leave off with our commision work, which the scariest thing you will notice is the sheer volume of stuff CVinton has produced in the last year and a half (and he didn't even post all of it!).

Honestly, digging through everything to make this post has been a blast and I hope you have enjoyed it. Going through all of this and the stories behind most of the work has been really fun. It may sound like we just blew hot air up our skirts and patted ourselves on the back through the whole thing, but hey ... it's halloween and DFG is pretty good at scary stuff! Take the time to look around and if you run a blog, go through your backlogs and knock the digital dust off some of your old work, it's fun! Comments and feedback are always welcome ... more scary stuff on the way!


  1. I think i just shit myself! Especially at that Tower of Skulls!!

  2. Actually I still have the tower and didn't trade it away for "magic beans". So much negativity over that