Sunday, May 9, 2010

Khornate Brass Scorpion Killer Pics and a Video!

At long last, I have bought myself a better camera (and a video camera) and some sweet software, so it is time to show off my Brass Scorpion. I hope the B&W graphic isn't too pretentious. Anyway, first thing's first, I want to show you all my first ever Webcast. Since I haven't quite figured out how to work Adobe Premeire (send me a link to a how to, if you know one) so this video is unedited and may make you a little seasick. Beleive me, I will get much better at this, but I am just so exited to use my new toy! Here is the video:

That was it! Hollywood Here I come!

If you couldn't stomach the video, here are some great photos I put together for you all.

Now, before you all go to town on me for the green wires (looking at you Farseer Rerolls!), I was simply trying to mimic a method I have used and have seen used on power weapons. I wanted it to basically look like the daenomic energy is blazing out of the wires. Hopefully as you browse the large images, you catch what I was going for.

From the back you can see that I just used the Khorne symbol from the vehicle kits. This brass scorpion was put together a really, really long time ago and was my first real video kitbash. That just means that while the work was done carefully, there was a lot less customization than I would have liked.

The colors I used was Gore red washed down with layers of Griphonne Sepia, Ogryn Flesh and Delvan Mudd, the touched up with gore red again. The brass was all done with vermin brown, a 50/50 cut of VB and Dwarven Brass, followed by a mix of shining gold and DB ever so lightly brushed onto the highest points.

I used the Forge World powders on the soot areas around the heavy flamers and for the rust on the scorpions undercarraige. They look nice, can save you some time, but DESTROY BRUSHES!

That's it for right now, I hope you liked the new and improved photos and for those of you who bothered to watch the video, I hope it didn't turn you too green. Comments and feedback are welcome as always.


  1. Looks amazing! I hope to see it on the table soon!

  2. You will. Now that we both have cameras, I think we need to start getting some good videos up. I think some guard vs Chaos or Nids is in order! Batrep anyone? How about it CV, beers and dice?