Thursday, November 16, 2017

Hobby Tricks: Prepping symbols, Sticks and BLOOD!

TJ here to share a couple of basic things I have used/ noticed that have helped me save time or just plain kicked ass. Let's take a look.

So the Alpha legion symbols you have seen on my Berzerkers and Oblits are all pretty well shaded and highlighted. I didn't paint each one of those painstakingly over the course of hours. NOOOO! I painted them all at once with a regular brush and some help from plain old Blue Tac.

I stuck these ALpha Legion Symbols onto the blue tac and then primed them right on the blue tac. DOn't worry, you can still use the blue tac afterward and it is $2 if you can't (but you can). Then you come through with a big brush and paint base them all and then come back and dry brush the highlights. No cleaning up the surrounding shoulder pad, no being careful. Just get 100 or more done at a time. It saved me hours on the Alpha Legion and is still saving me time. I just glue the symbols on later.

Another thing I did was use the blue tac ($2) and stuck it to some yard sticks that I had cut in half (less than $1 each). This let me airbrush and highlight the models super fast. I know this trick isn't new and isn't unknown, but I know I thought i was fine without the sticks and man was I wrong. I based and highlighted 115 models with three colors of blue in an hour and five minutes. 115 models! I can't believe I knew this trick existed and never tried it. It costs three dollars to set up. DO IT!

The last little trick I have that I have been using lately is just mixing 50/50 Blood For the Blood God technical paint with Secret Weapon's Realistic Water effect medium. Take a look at it dried on that base. That's completely set. It looks wet and passed right over the skulls to pool looking pretty much like fresh blood to me. You could go heavier on the BFTBG to make it thicker too. I was just stoked by the final result and wanted to share it. BTW, I have used a bunch of different still water and I was really impressed by SW's formula. It just works better and easier and is very affordable compared to the alternatives.

Anyway, those are just some tricks I have tried and found recently. I think I might do something like this once in a while. Have you tried any of these? Let me know how it worked.

Monday, November 13, 2017

CVinton's Sculpted Salamander's Land Raider is Back and Painted! A DFG Legend!

TJ here to show off a classic DFG model that made it back home earlier this year: CVinton's master crafted Salamanders Land Raider! Let's take a look at this beautiful model!

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Alpha Legion Khorne Berzerker Conversions from Primaris Reivers and FW bits

I've made some Khorne Berzerkers for my Alpha Legion. I really liked what I did with my Agressor Conversions so I decided to use Primaris Marine Reivers as a base for my berzerkers. I wanted to add some seriously Khornate stuff, but leave them a little toned down and give them the "behind enemy lines feel," so I left chainswords off the menu and went with only blades (another reason to use the Reivers). I also used the Forge World berzerkers helmets and shaved off the huge crests (bunny ears to the initiated, lol). Let's take a look though ...

Monday, November 6, 2017

Alpha Legion Cultists: First Batch

TJ here with some Alpha Legion Cultists. I assembled these guys three days before a GT, so I didn't get to convert them, so I am using paint to make them just different enough. Fortunatley, AL gives you a selection of color to use to make models a little more unique.

Friday, November 3, 2017

Alpha Legion Obliterator Conversions from Primaris Aggressors!

TJ here with some Alpha Legion Primari ... um I mean Obliterators! In all seriousness, I love the idea of ALpha Legion getting their hands on Primaris Gene Seed and corrupting it! These Aggressor models make great oblits with some slight modifications. Let's see what I did ...

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Skarbarand with Black Flesh finished Helloween 2017!

TJ here to wrap up Helloween 2017 with Skarbarand, the angriest Bloodthirster of them all! I tried out a new skin technique with this model, who was a fun challenge to paint with so many different textures and shapes! Let's take a look.

Monday, October 30, 2017

A Typhus Conversion and Dreadnought step forward for Helloween 2017

TJ here to rock some simple starter kit conversions for my Death Guard. Now DG are not a priority army for me right now. I have my Alpha Legion and World Eaters taking most of my attention at the moment. This means that any DG I make are going to come from kits I already own or from the seven, YES seven! Dark Imperium Nurgle sets I have been gifted or discount sold by my friends.

First off is Typhus. Yes, I know, he is another conversion based on the Lord of Contagion, but it's what I have to work with. Hopefully, I have made him unique enought with the addition of some Destroyer Hive flies thanks to the Maggoth kit and a scyth also from the same kit.