Wednesday, July 8, 2015

The Biggest Pile of Daemon Conversion Bits Ever!

As I seek direction moving forward, I am seeking to simplify my goals and use my existing hobby stockpile to finance my upcoming miniature projects. With that comes the sale of some of my hoard!

I am selling my Daemon bits horde to the highest bidder and it includes much more than daemons. It includes zombie dragon wings, daemon prince wings, blight drone wings, blight dron bodies and legs, enough bits to make 10+ bloodletters, about 10 daemonettes, enough monstrous sized bits to make a daemon prince or two or more, a whole bloodlcrusher, there are also three full flamers, 9 painted screamers, a herald that i made riding a ball of fire! There are tons of icons and bits and loose ends thatbcome from collecting daemon bits for the last 8 years, so please take a look at the auction and make a detatchment, an Age of Sigmar army or just invest in having an amazing bits box without buying the kind of  kits i had to to make it!

Here is the link!

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Giving Something New a "Tri"

I feel compelled to post as friends and fans have asked me what is going on with my sudden lack of posting. I appreciate the concern, but I am fine. In fact I am better than fine. I am just starting out at my dream job, which takes a heavy certification process, and I am also training for my first triathlon on July 11.

For the first time in years, I am crushing 18 year olds in fitness and I am running 6 minute miles for extended distances.  My work community and my athletic community is positive and healthy, which can certainly be a contrast to what we see online in wargames many times.

That being said, wargaming is still going to happen. I am super into Infinity and am looking at Age of Sigmar. I plan to do some work this fall and winter on some new projects and am selling off some great stuff soon to fund those projects. I will probably post sales here, but right now if you look up "huge daemons lot" in ebay, you will find an awesome pile of conversion bits and models for sale.

I want to also get a post out about Ron Gamble's kickstarter, which is humming along,  so while you will see some posts dealing with that soon too.

In any case, I am fine and better than ever and more importantly happy. I will see you soon.

Friday, May 29, 2015

Necrons for Sale, individual lots, painted, converted!

TJ here to announce that I have broken my yellow Necron army up for sale as individual units. Want 20 painted scarab bases? Boom. Bid for them. Three painted Annihilation Barges? Boom. Bid for them

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Journey Into Malifaux

Greetings all.  SeerK here.  Today I wanted to talk about a game that I have recently been learning.  Tj has been talking about his journey into Infinity, I am starting to get into that as well, so I thought I should post about my journey into the world of Malifaux.  I was approached by 40kOrigins to help out at Origins Game Fair June 3rd-7th.  They are running all the 40K, Necromunda and BFG tournaments as well as running demos of Mercs, Drop Zone Commander, Rivet Wars and Malifaux.  I personally will be Running Malifaux Demos Wednesday and Thursday.  I am not running and Spartan Games stuff, but I will have my fleets and Planetfall army with me if anybody is interested in a game or 5.  Next year me thinks there will be some Firestorm Armada though.

I am new to the world of Malifaux.  For those of you unfamiliar with Malifaux, it is a 32mm Skirmish game based in the old west produced by Wyrd Games.  The old west meets Gothic steam punk with some magic and inter dimensional travel mixed in for good measure.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Meanwhile at Forge World ... NEW CHAOS TITAN CONVERSION KITS!

Not only a Chaos Knight Titan Conversion kit, but also a Khorne Lord of Skulls conversion kit. Can't wait to see the rules. Looks like I won't have to convert the Blood Knight afterall!

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Yellow, Rusty Necrons: Make them yours! UPDATED!

TJ here to see if anybody out there wants a great Necron army before I explore options like EBay to sell it. These yellow, rusty crons have been a good army for me and contributed to a massive tournament run for me in 6th. They have also contributed to a couple Best Painted awards whether for the models being in a Best Painted Army for a tourney or for individual models (the Destroyer Lord has won two for Best Painted at local events). Let's take a look at what I am offering.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Infinity: My first learning games!

TJ here to talk about my first games of Infinity. Of course within hours of moving to Maryland, I was greeted by a gang of friends and introduced to a game of futuristic combat set in (shock!) A non-gothic, rather non-dystopian future! I have a few thoughts and a couple of photos, so let's have a look.