Sunday, October 7, 2018

Space Wolf Primaris Hellblaster Conversions, Kitbashes that will make you howl

TJ here with a quick post to show off some Space Wolf Primaris Hellblaster conversions I did on commission for a friend. It was fun and quick and I think it did the trick!

So the resin heads you see come from Spellcrow Miniatures. Those and the Space Wolf upgrade kit for the Primaris Marines were not enough for either myself or my client to think these looked Wolfy enough, so we set out to change that.

I added pelts to most of the models, then went to one of the millions of grey hunter sprues that hang about locations where Space Wolf players frequent and started to trim bits with a sharp hobby knife.

Before you knew it, I had little wolf heads for weapons, tiny runes, wolf tails and skulls (when is there ever a shortage of skulls in this happy universe?)

I also tucked some combat blades into some pelts because you KNOW that these SW primaris had to hide their shanks when they were still hanging with Bobby G.

These conversions were easy and I encourage you to wolf up your primaris Marines please. Please SW players! Don't go out there with bland looking wolves!

I look forward to seeing the client paint these and make them look amazing!

If you guys have any examples of your SW primaris, please drop links for me!

I am not going to lie, this project really got me tempted to make a Space Wolves army ... I just have to sweat that out because I am sworn to the dark gods!