Thursday, October 11, 2018

Helloween: Lord Of Skulls/ Imperial Knight Kitbash: It's NOT a Kytan damn you!

Look, I already know what you are saying: "TJ shut up, bro, it's a Kytan." and you'd probably be right, which is why I am posting these blue-tac fittings to get some advice from the creative souls on the blogosphere (well, for those of us left).
So when the Lord of Skulls first came out, I said I would make a Renegade Knight out of it. I said it in public, on this very blog and I am the type of Heretic with enough honor to put my axe where my mouth is (wait ...), so I am making it.

I actually dislike the rules for the Kytan completely and you probably cannot change my mind and, well, the addition of a Renegade Knight is way more common for the kinds of lists I run for my World Eaters.

First thing first, I used all of the civil engineering videos on Youtube to design longer legs for the knight titan kit using defiler parts, parts of coat hangers and a healthy amount of green stuff to fill gaps. Then I decorated the legs in Skull Cannon bits, which are surprisingly cheap on Ebay.

Once I loaded the torso onto the legs, I discovered that the single leg would likely break over the course of many games (which would be the only time the torso would be attached because I plan to magnetize it and also be able to use it as a Lord of Skulls). That caused me to go in and grab a wall section and make it part of the basing. I glued some debris in around the knee as if it was projecting outward as the titan crashed into the ruined building to help it make it look less like he is tripping.

I am currently crafting leg armor for the upper thighs, some titan heads for his belt, a hatch to seal the hole for his tail and other parts I know will be a part of the model.

I am also looking for a cool way to mound a weapon on his other arm and not have him look like Mega Man.

For a missile rack option, I blue tacked the half-face of a missile launcher to his shoulder area and can do the same for the stubber or melta too, but I wanted some feedback. If the missiles work there, then I would build a housing around it to make it real.

So what do you think so far. What is it missing, what could it use? Is it just a damn Kytan and I should go ahead and accept it ... you tell me ... please.


  1. I used an Ectoplasma Cannon from a ForgeFiend as the gun on my Kytan for when I want to run it as a Renegade Knight instead*. I don't have any great pics of it, but you can sort of see it at and

    I think the front of a Helbrute Missile Launcher might actually work better than the Ironstorm pod front you have on there now. A stubber fits very nicely on those plates tucked under the shoulder pads, too. I have mine magnetized, so I can theoretically put a Meltagun on if I want, but my experience has been that things with only one Melta just miss all the time, so I save Points and just use the Stubber.

    *Until the Rules for the Kytan suck less, this is always.

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