Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Six Days of Horror! Day 2 - Haunted Hellscapes From Table Top Terraformers!

Old School here with Day two of our Six days of horror and today we will be looking at something I hold dear to my heart: Terrain, but not just any terrain, the Hellaciously incredible work of Table Top Terraforming! Let's take a look at some seriously evil terrain.

This Chaos portal is what I have always wanted to build, but never had the time. I doubt I could have ever executed it so well, though!

I like how the whole piece fits on a relatively small base, but the build up and the scaling of the stones and the whole structure give it a life of its own and a sense of realism ... not to mention the incredible craftsmanship and paint job.

Next up is a Chaos themed river of blood. This piece is really jaw dropping to me and as we go through the images, I think you will see why.

Having just started Fantasy ... I may have need to either build or commission some rivers such as this!

Once again, the whole piece seems so huge in the photos due to the incredible level of detail and work put into every square inch, but then when you see it as its tabletop components, it really isn't too big for your average table. It almost make me want to start designing a Chaos themed Wasteland Board with terrain to match.

Here is a very clever piece ... a broken seal with the hint of something coming through the cracks ...

The seal is removable ...

... and inside, lurks some kind of hideous warp-spawned nightmare!

And now for some Nurgle love. This odd looking creature is a part of a ruins piece in which the terrain is coming under infestation and possible infestation by a living plague.

You can see that the strange proto-creature is taking over the entire structure.

In true Nurgle fashion, worms and maggots of all shapes and sizes are oozing up from the ground.

This is another example of the kind of detail that first made me choose 3T Studios as a part of this week's Halloween themed fun. The way the bricks are being pushed out and shifted is very realistic and reminds me of derelict building I have come across where trees and vines had pushed brick and mortar as they grew through the cracks.

The piece as a whole ...

... and now for some non-Chaos terrain ...

The Necron Terrain is really awesome and fits the shapes and dimensions you may have seen in the Dawn of War Dark Crusade Game. Seeing great terrain like this really makes me wish GW would put more effort into Xenos terrain as the artist here has proven just how imposing and dynamic it can be on the table top.

I will round out this post with a couple shots from the many Ork projects the artists have on their site.

I really appreciate good terrain as it is hard to come by as I travel the country to different FLGSs. Great terrain like this is even harder to come by, but that doesn't mean that you can't make some great stuff for your local store or even for your garage or basement. How bad do you feel when you see really superb armies fighting on the table top ... over some trashy primed terrain? Stuff like this really makes the whole act of playing our game more cinematic and absorbing.

If you are wondering how you can build terrain like this, then check out 3T Studios. They have plenty of DIY tutorials and guides up and you can also commission them to make some incredible terrain for you as well. Even if you just want to drool over some more outstanding terrain pics, just check out the link. There are plenty more great terrain pieces that I never touched on.

Hopefully, you have enjoyed these Haunted Hellscapes ... tomorrow, stand by for more of our Six Days of Horror!


  1. I was just looking at these guys site yesterday.
    AMAZING Terrain, pure awesomeness.

  2. The terrain is fantastic! Coupled with a superb painting job as well
    (of course) makes for some very cool looking tables.

  3. Wow.I mean..WOW. There's some fantastic inspiration in there. I particularly like the River of Blood. The insert-able standards made it for me. But all-in-all, a great post