Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Six Days of Horror! Our Scary Celebration of Halloween: Slaaneshi Emperor's Children Army!

Old School here to usher in our celebration of Halloween, which we will celebrate over the next six days (in celebration of Slaanesh, without whom, the Ecstasy of fear would be denied to us) and appropriately, today, we have 16 photos of the sexiest Slaaneshi army I have ever seen! Let's take a look!

Now, being a devotee of the Dark Powers, I have seen my fair share of "loud Raiders" from the lame to the meh, but they all seemed to fall short until I saw this bad boy!

This model is covered with great freehand, incorporates daemonettes passing through the hull, and even the super-blasphemous purity seals!

I really like how the wires are running from the imprisoned Marine on top of the tank into the weapons, as if his tortured screams are what fuels the potency of the weaponry!

More freehand work on the back of the tank.

And here he is, the poor bastard who got hooked up to the top of this daemon-possessed tank! The huge, hideous mouth is a perfect representation of the contrasting nature of Slaanesh, being so ugly while mounted on such a beautiful tank!

 ... if it looks detachable, that's because it is ...

That's right, a fully functional "Loud Raider" and the best of it's kind I have ever seen! That's not it though, we're going to keep digging into this giant bundle of purple love ...

Keeping up the theme of speakers and wires and just plain evil, here are a few shots of the Rhino.

Once again, the freehand is perfect!

Now, onto some bikers ... stuff like this is what makes me love Chaos bikers and makes me want to make more of them for myself. Check out the incredible work done on the backpacks with their speaker mounts.

The pale skin and incorporation of Fantasy bits into this army really adds a strong unique flavor to the whole thing that goes beyond the average noise marine army.

More of that swirly freehand ...

Havocs ... check out that weapon the Champion is carrying. Doom Siren maybe?

The Noiseblitz are outstanding! The pale Daemonette feel the heads have go quite well with the flesh and armor and the noise weaponry is simply perfect from the conversion work to the color!

Next up is a good old squad of noise Marines.

The champ's face is what I wish I could find in a Halloween mask! Just get me some wires and a big mouth speaker!

This guy with the horns coming out of his eyes reminds me of Hellraiser!

Noise Terminators! All mounted with Dirge Casters!

The Slaaneshi icon on his shoulder is really cool. At first it seems too big and ugly, then when you think of it, it is perfect for such a horror themed army. I imagine the golden hand and wing moving on their own.

... and we'll finish with the obligatory nude Daemonette! This army was painted by Dark Eye Studios and is just one of many works you can find on their Web site, so go ahead, kill a couple hours at work and just oogle the great stuff they have there. We will keep posting our normal material, but we will also be running this celebration of Halloween until the 31st, so keep coming back to see what evil, scary and sadistic stuff we find on the Web!


  1. That is a kick ass slaanesh army! I love the vehicles and the bikers! Really awesome idea about the speaker in the landraider too.

  2. I love the Emperors Children Icons on the terminators shoulders. Its as if the symbol itself has mutated and is grabbing the shoulder pad.

    I love me some Noise Marines. I miss the old slanneshi army.

  3. Pure awesomeness. Along with an EC army I saw on warseer the best I've ever seen.