Sunday, October 23, 2011

CVinton's Mark of the Wulfen Space Wolves: Converted and Done!

I've slowly been working on the 13th company since my WIP post a few weeks ago and here is what I've got for you.  Mark of the Wulfen!

These guys are kit bashed from Possessed Marine bodies, Space Wolves grey hunters and Bloodletters arms.

(If you look at that series fast, if kind of looks like Thriller) 

I was going for a mixed mutation.  After 10 millenniums in the warp their helix has to of had some strange...expressions.  Its not so much that I was going for a combination of demon and wolf, just painful and extensive.

As far as modeling goes, after trimming the bloodletter shoulder to fit flush against the marine torso I just put a shoulder pad over it which saves a lot of time in green stuff work.  After that I just applied green stuff fur over various parts of the marine.

The possessed bodies are great for this because they really give them a great dynamic pose and a lunging aggressive look.  Also, being 13th, the armor has the scavenged factor which of course is a big plus.  Lastly, the legs + torso on ebay are super makes me want to do a Word Bearers Gal Vorbak army just because it would be pretty cheap.

The company symbol is surpisingly easy to free hand.  These guys were a test to see if I'm up to doing it across the army.  I do plan on putting it on every single guy so it should be pretty easy to sprinkle around the army.

I didn't use any of the various werewolf heads because i haven't been really impressed with any of them.  Instead I went with a skin tone and hair color to show the changes.  The illusion works well enough.

OST came over and told me about how much he was loving powders recently so i thought I'd hit these guys with the forge world powders I have.  I just mudded/sooted up their legs.  It seemed to work since I find it impossible to do the chipping technique that is really popular right now, one day I'll learn how to.

I think I'll still touch up the eyes.  I used bubonic brown of a more dark yellow for that feral look.  As always when you do pupils some times you end up with 'googly eyes' and that's what happen.  They'll need some fixing still on some of these.

More of the basing from my last full squad post.  These bases are great to show how the wolves are.  Sure they're from the Empire...but they're the Emperor's executioner, the broad sword.  Wherever they go, bodies pile up.  So even though the bases seem like they should be for chaos or something equally as terrible, after reading a few of the wolves' books I think this is what a planet looks like after the Wolves of Fenris come....

I have 6 full squads of grey hunters, so to keep my sanity and keep the quality high I plan on doing these guys in 6 man batches of each of the squad upgrade guys.  Next I think i'll do the banners so expect some time before the next wolves project post.  I plan on having each banner unquie and extensively detailed.  Thanks for looking, feel free to post comments


  1. They look great! I actually used blood letter hands which I cut off and pinned to the end of normal SM arms for my wulfen and used chaos marauder heads with out helmets. great minds think a like huh?

    I have a few google eyed wolves atm :/ hahahah my worst part, as the only wolves in my 7k worth of wolves who have helmets are swift claws. :( a lot of eyes to mess up hahaha!

  2. I made the mistake of doing eyes after I did skin highlights. If you do them before, you can glob on your white (in thin layers of course) and get more attempts at the pupil placement, then come in with your skin around it. It makes it way way way easier.

    Thanks for compliments from everyone! More to come for sure. OST and I are working out a adepticon team and my wolves will be there so they'll need to get done. :)