Friday, October 21, 2011

Hunting the Fallen and a Mini "It Came from the Forums" post!

Old School here and I am planning my next modelling move as I continue to paint the Death Wing. I plan to make objective markers for the army using Fallen Angels in various action poses. But first, I hit the internet and the bitz market for a little inspiration ...
One of the first things I found was the photo above and an amazing thread on Warseer, in which an artist named Deiex is modelling pre-heresy Marines and among them are the Fallen pictured above and the Lion pictured at the bottom of this post. I am waiting for him to get some more excellent content up before I go hog wild and post an "It Came From the Forums" post, but never-the-less, I included the link because nobody should be denied the awesome that is his work!

Anyway, my plan is have the fallen look individualistic and in ragged armor and robes. I want them to look hunted and desperate. Some will be trying to shoot from behind bullet riddled, ruined walls, others witll be injured, but fighting for their lives. I think they will wear a combination of Dark Angels veterans gear, Chaos parts and various pre-heresy looking items like the Forge World bolters I have lying around.

I plan to do four that appear as I described above and then create a fifth one with a little something special in mind. Now I know that the DA have a twisted background and that the Fallen might not even be all that bad ... but I really want to make a Fallen Librarian or Sorcerer who looks like straight up evil (and I plan to have his bas magnetized so I can use him in my Chaos army when I want him on a 25mm (non-objective) base. I struggled to figure out the best option until I came across this ...

Oh yes! That's the Sorcerer from the Chaos Manticore kit and it is just the kind of sexy evil I was looking for. Basically, I think it sums up the mysterious hooded goth look that DA have potential for, especially with the baroque armor and the hooded face (reminds me of the angel from the Diablo series). My plan is to use the BA sanguinary guard torso (cut to fit of course), if there are any real problems with the bare torso the model currently has. If it isn't to bad, I will simply green stuff some hard lines and cables (for the libby effect) onto the torso area.

Anyway, that's the first thoughts I have on the Fallen. Other than that, I am constructing Belial from Luft Huron as we speak and I will post him whenever he is complete. I am also painting Death Wing again with the Ogres pretty much complete (one or two more batch sessions will finish them!)

That's all I have for now on the hobby thoughts front. Check out the link to the forums above! the 1st Legion Primarch and his pre-heresy friends have never looked better and you won't be dissapointed in the artist's Night Lords or Alpha Legion either. As always, feedback and ideas are always welcome!


  1. Awesome Lion El Jonson, what parts did u use for him?

  2. Its so awsomely done that it almost looks fake. Awsome job :) Power to the Dark Angels!!!

  3. Ok, I'm seeing... Sanginary guard: chest, wings, none sword arm (the wrist gun is filed down), I am looking at the sword hand and it looks like a demon or chaos sword and the cloth wrapped around his wrist looks like its hiding a gapping or seamed joint. I would say that the legs are from assaulties or they are pinned and rebent to its stance. The waist is modded to give him extra height as a primarch is about a head and a half or so taller than a norm space marine. I am unsure about the lion shoulders and the head but my guess would be from fanticy or made from green-stuff. The cloak and the hood looks like it would have to be green-stuff. Correct along any of those lines? Overall, very creative, very nice, I want one. Haha keep up the great work.

    1. To keep proportional you would have to make the legs a bit taller when extenging the waist but other than that I have to agree with you on the parts that are used with a few guesses of my own. My guess would be head from fanacy, hair is made from green-stuff, shoulds also from fantacy and I say this because they look way to good to be made from gree-stuff, arms would e like the legs and also need to be extended. Awsome work dude =D keepit up

    2. look at the legs they have skulls on the knees. the only model i can think of with skulls on the knees is the old school chaplin with a jump pack and as for the head and sword look into the vampires from the fanacy warhammer you'll most likly find it there.

    3. Check the link in the beginning of the post to go to the artist's thread on Warseer. If you are in an RS reader, you may have to switch over to look at the actual blog post to do that but you will end up at a thread where you could talk to the artist and see these models move from basic concepts to complete models.