Monday, February 7, 2011

Gruesome Space Wolves Las/Plas Razorback WIP

OST here ... So I was sitting at work, um, working, when I recieved an interesting series of pics from our own SAMSQUANTCH MONSTER and immediately my hackles went up! Right there, in my own phone were images of the Emperor's Dogs standing atop a razorback covered in the corpses of Chaos Space Marines! I then scrolled through and there were even more photos of this tank and its crew.

Alright, I have to admit that this tank is pretty awesome so far and that it isn't very often that a loyalist Marine player has the audacity to create such a gruesome war machine ... in fact, this is the first time I recall seeing Chaos Marines nailed to imperial vehicles. I like it though as it reminds me of the codex covers where we see the bitter conflict often played out between Chaos and Imperials in full color with carpets of bodies.

This is the second Las/plas Sammy has made using the armed warrior method as opposed to the turret and I am a big fan of it as it looks savage and much more interesting than the las/plas bananza armies we saw at Adepticon last year (endless blue parking lots) and while this version may not be the cheapest model in the world, it is one of the coolest vehicles in the store! I look forward to seeing what SM does with the rest of his Wolves!

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  1. like old school said, i really tried to capture that "codex epic battle" feel i will post the final result tomorrow. also please let me know what you think. good or bad i wanna know.

  2. that guy on the top with dual plasma is the craziest mofo in the imperium. I see him just squeezing that trigger as fast as he can until it just explode him because he thinks it'll make an awesome drinking story.

    "Scared of plasma? What a cowardly pup you are! I once fired off one in each hand for the whole battle until it exploded and it never hurt me!"

  3. A weak conversion. It is messy, sloppy and cluttered.