Monday, February 7, 2011

The $25 Tervigon Project: Part 1

 Old School here and I am embarking on a project that may either be genius or may be so stupid that I may get carted away and locked up for crimes against modeling! I have challenged myself to build a Tervigon on a budget of $25 max with the exception of any bits I have laying around. So far I have invested $3.99 on a foam egg and $15.98 on packages of Milliput Grey/Yellow. Now, to achieve this on a budget as well as to seperate the creature's appearance from the Carnifex, Tyrant ect, I am going for a disgusting wormy look. Let's take a look at what I am talking about.
So, I am basically, looking for a cross between this hideous worm monster from Hive Fleet Moloch and ...
 ... The brainbug in starship troopers, though mostly in the sense that it is smoother than the Moloch worm above. Now, I know that the codex pic involves a very large gaunt-esque beast, but I really want to go for something that 1) is BIG enough to birth a small army of guants and 2) is just plain gross!

So, looking at the photo below, you can see that it looks like a potato. The front is pointing to the right here and the idea is that it will have a mouth similar to the Moloch worm and the indents you see on the side will recive further sculpting to appear to be ... well ... nasty birth canals, complete with flaps of skin, emerging gaunts and some wet slime.

Below is a view from the top. This is where I intend to place the carapace plates - four of them getting smaller as they move down the body with chimneys in the middle at least. spouting from the sides will be three sets of limbs moving down made from various Nid bits from the box.

Now, along the bottom, I will likley add a row of nasty little centipede type crawly legs (like the small digits on the trygon's chest, just to give it increase motion and some extra nastyness.
The main component to fill the body is the foam egg, which I crushed and cut into the basic shape I wanted the Tervi to take on.

And the whole egg was coated by hand with a thin layer of milliput. As I covered it, I made sure to massage it into the rough structure of the egg, ensuring it will stick when the project dries. I then followed that with a trip to the sink. With my rubber gloves on (to eliminate finger prints), I went to the sink and ran some water over it to hand-smooth all the fingerprints out and to shape out any shape imperfections I had problems with during the milliput coating process. Once I was satisfied, I rinsed the model off and placed it gently on a paper plate coated with vaseline (to prevent sticking).

I know it looks like a turd right now (a nasty, yellow, hang-over turd), but hey, I'm going to see it through and I think I can pull out a pretty nasty looking worm from hell! Let me know what you think so far. Crazy? Dumb? Maybe even genius?


  1. Sometimes true inspiration is a touch of madness. I'm looking forward to more wip pics to see how it comes along.

  2. At first glance i thought that was just a huge potato you came across that you wanted to show off, had me rather perplexed i must say.

    May i suggest you look up pictures of wood grubs and queen ants online? they should give some excelent ideas for the look of what you want.
    The grubs will give you the body your after while the queen ants will show you how there armoured rear shifts its plates to compensate for the change in size for egg laying.

    keep up the good work man :)

  3. I had the same potato thought! Ballsy attempt man, can't wait to see how it goes.

  4. It looks like a nice project to me, and so far the ideas seem to be great. Hope to see more soon!

  5. That top photo is just vile, lol

    For my tervigon I took a carnifex and added some shields and then used pearls as eggs on the back... it came out looking pretty cool, imo, and I get a lot of comments on it.

  6. Yeah, I have a couple tervis that look like the codex pic (the summersaulting elephant), but I want to go for something absolutely different that also challenges my green stuff skills and miliput work. Hopefully this pans out and I get a couple disgusting big bugs out of it. I am also trying to figure out how to make a tyrant using the malanthrope head and torso, so I have a creepy cthulu vibe.

  7. How is the malanthrope model? I was considering that as a forgeworld purchase someday.

  8. The fat and irregular shape of the potato is perfect for a squishy bug full of lava. I love it, I hope to see more of its WIP.

  9. Muggins, it is very well detailed and fairly nasty looking. The sculptures is one of the best.

    Cvinton, it isn't filled with lava ... or even chocolate, but larvae, lol.

  10. uh...if you watch starship troops which you're clearly trying to rip there is one that is filled with lava...or at least orange highlighter...or maybe I should just Lrn2spell