Monday, February 7, 2011

Craftworld Lansing Celebrates its Anniversary with The Test of Khaine!

As SeerK at Crafteworld Lansing signs every post: Blood Runs, Anger Rises, Death Wakes, War Calls. And call it does! The tournament is set to be an 1850 no-nonsense tourney where the victor will be honored as a god of War (and maybe get some prizes, lol) and the best painted will also be judged! Here is a quote from SeerK on the tourney:

In celebration of the upcoming 1 year anniversary of Craftworld Lansing I have decided to host a tournament at the FLGS Evolution Games.
"The Test Of Khaine" Will be held at Evolution games in Lansing Michigan on March 19th.  It will be an 1850 point tournament using the Standard force organization chart.  Models do not have to be painted, but it is encouraged as I will be awarding a trophy for the best painted model as chosen by the participants.  The models must be WYSIWIG.  Counts as will be allowed as long as the models are the same size as what they are representing.  I will be posting a FAQ as questions are asked and I flesh out the details.

Registration will be starting at 11 a.m. and Dice will start rolling slightly after noon.  I will have pre registration information at the beginning of March.  Please feel free to email me for questions.
So head over to Craftwold Lansing, locals. Follow the blog for updates and FAQs and stick around for Seerk's articles as well, I think you will enjoy his adventures in the world of silly, pointy eared, pajama wearing space-elves (some of whom may or may not do cocaine).

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