Friday, October 28, 2011

Six Days of Horror! Day 4: Scary Rumors for 2012!

While everyone is anticipating the Necron release in a few days, the future for 2012 has been rearing its head more and more through the rumor mill and while metallic robots are sure to be sure to be fearsome, the Tau, the next edition of 40k and of course, the release of Chaos Legions are sure to be the real reasons Imperial commanders lose sleep at night and we have rounded up the scariest rumors for for 2012!

Many of these have likely been seen before, but with the recent "confirmations" mentioned on BoLS and with the year coming to a close, these rumors hold greater and greater sway! As always, take these with HUGE doses of salt:

Tau (up for Q1/Q2 2012) These rumors are old, but the recent talk is that most of this info is true.
6th edition 40k (Huge Rumor Post!)
Chaos Legions!! 2012!

There are the links folks. Chaos Legions is obviously reason for much celebration for the veterans of the Long War out there. With the current rumor being to "expect them to be like Grey Knights, but super evil" I am very excited that the 10,000 year old original sons of the Great Crusade will finally get what they deserve. Let the stars tremble and the Galaxy burn!


  1. Whatever that rendering is... it's awesome and I want one in my backyard.

  2. ED-209 - You have 10 seconds to comply! That render is awesome!

    I'm not usually a rumor monger, but it's strange how finally hearing that Tau are on the horizen has made me interested in my 40k minis again. I have a lot of Tau and getting them ready for the eventual release should be fun.

  3. Here's to hoping for Chaos Cults being viable. And no, we don't need a me-too Chaos Grey Knight codex. But the Chaos side does need a bit of love in the middle of all the Spess Mehhrrinnneeee spam.