Saturday, October 29, 2011

It Came From the Forums: Mechanicus themed army! Alien Daemons and Nasty Nurgle!

Old School here rolling out Day 5 of our Six Days of Horror with an It Came From the Forums post, including an Imperial army that actually is pretty scary, some seriously awesome Nurgle and an alien take on Daemons. We have a ton of photos to cover as we move through the work of Morback of Le Blog De Kouzes, so let's get rolling!
First off, how many people thought that the Knight Titan above was a rendering? I did. I had no clue it was real, but it is and the artists' blog and their forum post detail work like this and more ... by the way, they can consider just about everything here, likely to be used by me as inspiration for future work. The titan is mearly the tip of the creative ice berg! I absolutely love everything you are about to see!

First up, we will look at an army called Plaguebones, which, according to the artist is a Plague Marine army, but I see so many great conversions and pieces that I am not sure what everything is, but I like it!

As you can see, the army is filled with freaks, painted in a number of colors, from pinks to pale whites and bold reds. I can spot models and bits from several armies and game lines ... and, oh, did you see the portal on the Nurgling base? SICK!

A good shot of some of the Plague Marines.

... and here is a group shot of the army as a whole.

Next up is an army the artist calls: Maïnok Dynasties, a very cool take on the Daemons Codex!

The yellow paint scheme is very striking and if you look closely, there is a tone of freehand work across this army and every single thing is a conversion!

I like the one-eyed people eater theme here!

Combining Kroot and Bloodletters in the vilest way possible!

The artist left a link to the Dynasty's codex in here, but it is all in French.

Back to the Plaguebones, with more up close shots of the Ogryns, which are clearly converted from Ogre Kingdoms models.

I love the toad headed one on the left!

Alright, welcome to the Machine! This is the coolest take on Imperial Guard and Mechanicus I have seen yet! The bits and kits used to make this army range multiple companies and ranges from GW. It really is a beautiful concert of ideas from across the Wargaming industry.

Here is a "Drone" aircraft!

I am a sucker for anything in a monowheel! This is a beautiful take on the skaven doomwheel.

Here, we have some very cool rough riders!

Just to take you back to the enemy's of the Imperium again, here is a look at a Nurgle Knight Titan! It is simply incredible and I demand blueprints!!

As if the Mechanicus Titan wasn't cool enough, the artist proves his Titan-Legio chops with this piece!

... and we are back to the Imperium, with some great army-wide shots of the Imperial Guard/ Mechanicus.

The artillery of Mars is very cool. The low profile and small treads remind me more of a train than of a tank.

No army would be complete without psychotic Ogryn!

Mars Praetorians! An incredible kitbash and an inspiration to anyone about to pic up Twin Linked Awesome's Mechanicus Fandex!

Rough Riders, the Machine Cult Way!

This model is like a gruesome page ripped straight from the big artwork. The skulls, the viles, the ... everything is perfect!

I don't know what it is, but I like it!

Another Praetorian!

More Rough Riders!

More of the Red Machine!

Here is a close up on one of the rough riders. The level of detail in both the conversion and the paint job on the rider are very impressive!

and I will round this post off with some Skitarii. *exhale* Damn, this has been my favorite It Came From the Forums post yet!

If you are interested in more of this artist's work (Which is very extensive!), you can start with the MaxMini forum post where I found him ... or, you can check out the Imperial Guard tab on the Le Blog de Kouzes ... or just go straight to Le Blog de Kouzes and scroll away! Make sure you use Google Chrome to view it since it has a built in translation option! Enjoy!


  1. LOVE that Doom Wheel! Its just like those things Arch Enemy used in 'His Last Command'!


  2. Morback is one of the best modelers I've seen in recent days. Been following his blog for a few months. I love what he's been designing for Blight Wheel and MaxMini.

  3. This guy is amazing. And prolific! I'd be thrilled to complete a tenth of the amazing conversions he's made!

  4. Looks like you are governed by the second law of robotics and that it helped pick out your Sunday Best this week. Congrats and cheers for sharing yet again another killer blog post.

  5. Hi all!

    I'm really glad to read this article, and all these kind comments.
    Thanks for all, I'm always happy to see people interested by my works. If they can inspire or motivate you, this would be amesome!

    Everyone is welcome on Le Blog Dé Kouzes, foreign readers too! I try to translate some articles in english, but it takes a lot of time (and blogging takes a lot of time too, as you certainly know it!)

    My current project is a Gretchin Army. So stay connected to see how this project turns in the future! ;)


  6. Just saw this.. fantastic work on display!
    Subscribed to Le Blog Dé Kouzes!