Sunday, October 30, 2011

Six Days of Horror! Happy Halloween from Dark Future Games

Hey its Wolfson bringing you the 6th and final Day of Horror with a DFG inspired Jack o lantern.
I knew a few days ago that I wanted to make one of the pumpkins I was carving for an epic halloween costume party on Sat night, to be something Warhammer related so I asked OST what he thought. Being the chaotic, murdering maniac-at-heart that he is, he quickly pointed me to our DFG banner.

 So here i am with an awesome piece of art to work from, but besides the most basic jack o lantern, I have never carved something so complex into a pumpkin before. The internet would be my savior and after a few tutorials and some inspiration I'm off to my garage looking for power tools and most importantly; a dremel. I'm sure my roomates all thought i was nuts as I attacked this pumpkin with power tools while whispering "blood for the blood god and skulls for the skull throne" carving our friendly neighborhood Khorne Berzerker into the flesh of this pumpkin. My roommates were using kitchen knives to do theirs by the way.

The design was a hit at the party and I even discovered a few closet 40k fans from the guests as I heard whispers of "who is the nut case that carved a Khorne berserker into a pumpkin and what is DFG."  The fact that it's Halloween also meant anything scary was a go and I can't imagine many more murderous beings to have around the house than this Berzerker.
As always, I hope everyone has a safe and great Halloween with their friends and family and in good keeping with the holiday,

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