Monday, October 31, 2011

Adepticon Registry Open: Get Your Weekend Badge!

Well, if you are like me, you took your little gobbos out trick or treating, came home cracked into your Sam Adams Winter Classics ... and FORGOT THAT ADEPTICON REGISTRATION OPENS TODAY!!! If you are like me and forgot, get in there and at least get your weekend badge secured! Click here!

If you already grabbed your badge, then let's hear what you're playing in and how big the crew you're bringing is. The DFG crew always likes to meet new folks and play some games. We have always had a pretty ridiculously good time at Adepticon and would love to meet up with some like-minded folks (as opposed to those guys who tried to get us into their van last year).

Anyway, enjoy what's left of Halloween and drink your beer and eat your candy in relative safety!


  1. Team Snake Eyes is registered for Saturday's tournament. Aerion & I would like to get in a game with you and CVinton if that fits everyone's schedules. If that doesn't work, there's always beer. Or there's both. Whatever. :)

  2. I am playing Malifaux Thursday, The Warhammer Big Brawl Friday, Warhammer Championships Saturday, Warhammer Team Tournament on Sunday, and finally the poker game on Sunday.

    My wife is coming this year as well to play in a couple Malifaux tournaments and do a couple painting seminars.

  3. I got my tickets and hope to meet new people

  4. Ok so Rhellion will be making cameos this year lol.

    I have to register yet, but I did secure a base of operations for the Lansing Bloggers, ie a room. Apparently Eldar like foresight is needed to make sure at least one of us secured a room. I also would like to let everybody know, no you can't stay in the room its full :-)