Monday, June 27, 2011

Night Lords Defiler WIP

After scraping the rhino (for the most part) I picked up this defiler at bitz trading.  The traditional defiler design is by far the worst vehicle model in GW, but with some conversions can be salvaged.  Here is my salvaging of the model.

I did a lot of looking around for inspiration on making a night lords version of the defiler and sadly the best I could find was a dreadknight looking version of one.  As I'm not thrilled with that model either I had to go right to the drawing board for my own take.

To start I flipped over the bottom portion of the model where the legs and torso usually connect and put an extra set of legs in there.  I flipped it over because I really like the mechanics on the bottom half and it was easier to flip it than to deal with plasticarding the torso connection area.  I did have to trim up a little of the front two sockets that the arms connect to so that all 6 legs touched the ground evenly and the model didn't rock around like an uneven table.

After that I just glued the battle cannon to the front like the brass scorpion conversion that is all over the internet.  I put some plasticard pistons and pieces to make it look a little more than just glued to the front.

Finally, to put the Night Lords touch on it it needed to be terrifying.  And like the Romans, they love the crucifixion.  Since I didn't really want to put the work of nailing Space Marines to little plasticard crosses, I just with with some impaling.

Eventually I'll get it painted and put a finished up shot of it but for now, here are some close ups of the impaled imperial scum.  The Night Lords helped them be with their false corpse-god; their disappointment in finding out that he was just a man was delicious.


  1. lol, I can't even imagine what kind of bad stuff would happen if you nailed space marines to little crosses and put it on the interwebs

  2. Nice work, and I second Muggins' concern on how the general internets would react to the crucifixion of space marines. Unless they were all Ultramarines, obviously

  3. I like how the one Marine still has his plasma pistol. Even the scavangers of the Night Lords wouldn't want that thing!

  4. It seems like a general challenge of crusify a space marine on your models is going out. I only didn't do it because I didn't feel like doing the work, but as a real life agent of chaos, ill do it. Crown of thorns, spear in his side, game on! I know what I'm putting on my land raider.

  5. Excellent work with the pikes man.

    Also crucified Space Marine sounds awesome, and I see you said 'I know what I'm putting on my land raider' well look forward to that. haha.


    Googled this at work =(

  7. Snap! At adepticon, there was this huge team board about the sacking of the smurf village and it had viciously murdered and crucified smurfs on it.

  8. crucifing is cool and needs to come back into style. Think of the money countries would save if they just took all the people on deathrow and crucified them and actually let them die. Nto to mention im sure crimes of that calabier would slow down, cause seriously who wants to actually die by slowly staving and bleeding out.

    As always amazing work vinton, i see the DEA hasnt found ur meth dealer yet cause hes still supplying you with the good stuff.

  9. Also I'd agree that the Defiler is one of the worst models that GW has ever produced. Looks like an off brand toy your uncle gets you for Christmas

  10. You have done some magic with a crappy model sir. I really like the impaled marines.

    I have been thinking about doing something similar with my raiders controlled by my Haemonculus coven.

  11. cpt ob- Thanks for the good comments. Not to send this off topic but if 40k became punishable via crucifixion, I'd quit. That stuff would be a terrible way to die...which is why Night Lords prefer it to not only be their mode of execution but also to be public to align the peasants via terror.

    Any how, I've cut back my meth use so my model production is low. Maybe I'll start up again.

    Seer, Muggins- Thanks, it is a dumb model and a real challenge to make both functional (keeping the you-modeled-for-advantage people happy) and aesthetically pleasing. To quell the possible angry mobs I'd let people shoot it if they can see the pikes. Its as tall as it would be if modeled correctly.

    I modeled this guy before looking through the codex (Chaos Night Lords are going to be a hobby army that I play strictly for fun) and want the 4 close combat arms because it fits the night lords. You don't run out of ammo in a giant lobster claw. So now I'll have to do some more modeling so this thing can sport 4 close combat weapons.