Monday, August 22, 2011

DFG Painting Challenge: CVinton's Night Lord Terminators.

Its been awhile since the challenge was answered but I think I'm back to the task.  The lull of summer is over and its time to get back to serious 40k work.  So here we go; Night Lord Terminators. (counts as Blood Angels before we ask how they have storm shields and hammers)

(Pic heavy)

A little owed to OST's nids.  Its a 5th edition warrior, not a 4th ed. one.

The Lion Shoulders are from Scibor.  In Soul Hunter the terminators have the lions on their shoulder as tribute to the top predator of Nostramo.

My own guardsmen as a trophy here as well as a genestealer from OST's Hive.

The storm shields are made from the gun covers from the Defiler reaper auto cannon.  The hammers are the normal mauls that come with the terminators except with a new hammer top that I made from plasticard.

Normally I go with the electric blue color for power weapons but since their armor is mostly blue it wouldn't stand out as much.  It needed to stay dark as per the theme of night lords so I went with a deep purple and only white at the very very tips.

OST and I were making fun of the little coin purse's that they all have and I remembered reading that someone on the internet said he liked to think of them as castration I went with that.  Its better than saying its my little sack of chaos trinkets.

Since this is a counts as army, I feel I owe it to my opponent to remind them as often as possible.  I'm going heavy on the dead blood angels as an effort to do that.

The blood was done with a 4:2:2 mix of Blood Red, Scorched Brown and black.  Mixed with a little bit of Still Water and high gloss varnish.  I was so happy with the look I smeared it on my hands and showed my wife to freak her out.  It worked exactly as I thought it would.

I really like the chaos terminators over the space marine ones.  They're bigger and bulkier making me think of terminators dwarfing the regular Astartes.  They sadly have kind of static poses but are easy enough to work with to give more variance than the box has standard.

Finally, here are some shots with the flash just to show the blood.  The flash makes the models look very bright compared to what they normally are. A photo station is next on my list of to-do as well as an upgrade to the current camera.


  1. Looking Good i think OST is somewhere in Pennsylvania right now. Something bout fear and loathing.

  2. Sorry. I think there was a sharp increase in nid carcasses when their new codex came out. Suddenly everyones bits box swelled. "I got this nids army....actually...I have a HUGE amount of nids bits and all that had to happen was their new codex!"

  3. If my tyranids had trophy racks, there would be some taunts sporting night lord assault squad helmets running around. In all seriousness, they have the right feel and reflect the imagery of Soul Hunter very well, now StFD and cast me something you SDMF.

  4. On my apocalypse size tyranids I put Blood Angel bodies on the ground, looks pretty awesome and a great way to get rid of my Blood Angels