Thursday, August 12, 2010

Sgt. Gunther Thorn's Diary Week 2 part 4 & 5

The first 3 entries can be found here: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.

Week 2 Entry 4:

We watch in horror as a monster of a man in terminator armor stepped out from that mighty landraider along with a squad of terminators, and one who's psychic energy was visible even to my untrained eye. Then tendrils of chaos seem to spew forth from him, engulfing the squad of heavy bolters they had unloaded in front of, the poor men screaming in terror as they were pulled closer by these mystic things, however just after the bastard held his hands to his head and pulled off his helm to our horror as blood oozed from every hole in his head. It seemed that the taint of touching the chaos warp finally overtook him. Yet it did nothing to save the poor men and their bodies as they were torn limb from limb by the terminators. It only scared me further that I have one not only standing next to me as we load into this chimera and move off towards the defiler, that I have a psyker sitting next to me silently. Then

I order Private First Class Mathews and Vex to open the hatch and take some shots at the lumbering behemoth before us, Emperor willing we will kill the damn thing immediately. I look out the hatch myself, despite knowing my own hell-pistol is useless against the machine, yet I wanted a better look. Over our head plasma cannon shots rain down onto the battlefield from a Lemun Russ Executioner, I watched in glee as the terminator squad melted away over nearby into piles of ooze. Our own shots seemed to not get very far into the defiler and it rumbled ever closer.

Entry 5:

The men duck down into the cabin of the chimera along with myself as as the dreadnought turns its weapon upon us and fires overhead. The crew of the chimera sigh in relief, but such relief is short lived as the defiler rumbles up to us, confused by our movement previous a few of his massive swipes miss the vehicle though a couple land, rocking us inside the vehicle and shaking things around inside, the crew looks a bit out of it and it doesn't look like we will be able to do much more from inside here.

Piling out I look to my left but the lone remaining monster of a man over in the bunker is just fuming and turns to head towards his landraider, not close enough to come near us. As we exit the vehicle Primaris Psyker Zahleed looks at me and speaks in a strange tone, telling me he is heading for the bunker nearby and will support us from there and attempt to outflank the defiler, he runs off alone, and though I know I should move and protect him, I would rather not, and he ordered me too not follow anyhow. I line the men up in front of the defiler and nearly give them the order to shoot when from the bunker comes something I have not witnessed before.

Streaks of white hot lightning fly from where Zahleed has went and the sound of the seemingly quiet man screaming of how he would purify the chaos tainted in the name of the Emperor reached my ears right before the defiler in front of me exploded in a mighty, bright light. Two of my men fall down with shrapnel wounds, not serious enough to kill, but they wont be in the fight any more. I tell my men to turn their guns instead to the dreadnought and they fire away, the hot heat of the melta-guns tearing through the armor of the machine and cutting it in half, leaving nothing but wreckage in its wake.

As the smoke clears from the two dead monstrosities I look up to see the still seemingly unharmed predator rolling away from the battlefield along with the land raider and the man seemingly inside.

Zahleed comes out from the bunker, no smiles just that calm look on his face as he rejoins us commanding us to escort him back to the landing pad for our pickup was on its way. We had things to report to the high command.

I am not sure how we pulled of a victory, but I tell my men to gather up the two wounded men and help them back to the landing pad.

Week 2 Post Entry:

The high command wanted to keep a tight lip on some things, but they did let slip about who that monster of a man was. Abaddon. What the hell was he doing here? I have heard the stories about him, but what business does he have on this rock. The high command felt it was high time to inform more of the Imperium about this, and I am sure reinforcements in the form of the mighty Space Marines is well on its way, and with the psionic activity, I would not be surprised to see some of the Inquisition nearby either. The high command told my men and I to get some quick shuteye, cause we are being sent out again soon.

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