Monday, August 9, 2010

Sgt. Gunther Thorn's Diary Week 2 part 3

First two entries for this week can be found here and here.

Week 2 Entry 3:

The enemy has us pinned down hard now, I could give the men the order to move, but I do not want to attract to much attention. What is amazing is that just in our line of vision we saw that monstrous defiler attempt to climb over a bunker to get at a trio of heavy bolter teams. Something seemed to trip him up, allowing for a few more moments of respite for those poor souls. To our right the awful sound of lascannon could be heard. I was just waiting for the sound of the chimera to explode from the shots from that demoniacally possessed predator... yet it seems the Emperor was still blessing the men inside.

I give the order for my men to get down the ladders of the drop zone, luckily we all make it down quickly, otherwise we could have been sitting ducks. The officer who had watched his entire squad of men ripped limb from limb is in there. I almost don't want to see his face when we steps out, but I have to remain in composure, Zahleed is watching me, and his cold eyes feel like they look right into my soul, searching for something. I have nothing to fear, no chaos taint resides in me.

I watch in horror as the still alive dreadnought fires a multi-melta at the squad of three missile launcher teams in a bunker. The sound of horrified guardsmen is heard and only two teams struggle out from the bunker running as fast as their feet can carry them towards our lines, screaming about how there was nothing left of the men inside they paused for a moment but then ran again, seemingly not wanting to be a part of this battle.

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