Thursday, August 5, 2010

Sgt. Gunther Thorn's Diary Week 2

With the second week of the campaign at our FLGS happening last night I have decided to continue the storyline I started. With the points being larger I might post this in sections according to game turns. You can see the first Entry in the series here.

Week 2 Entry 1:

My new squad has been transfered off the Battleship Ravard and onto the fleet's flagship Emperor's Holy Shield. From the drills we have done it sounds like we will be a rapid response strike force, coming in to slaughter the enemy, or help out fellow guardsmen with a deep strike from the ship itself. So far I have been allowed to keep my powersword, which is good as it is a weapon my grandfather wielded into battle before me, and saved my life numerous times on the last mission. The squad has also been given the benefit of two melta-guns, and as Storm Troopers we have been given those fancy hot-shot lasguns, which seem to just rip through armor on the shooting range.

The warning bells are going off, it seems that the primary landing zone is under attack, and we have been ordered to get on the drop ship. Seems the 23rd needs some support holding the line. From what the commander is telling me, some sort of heretic marine force has landed right outside the perimeter. According to the base security cameras we have two dreadnoughts, a defliler, a predator and a single squad of heretic marines. It seems like far to small a force for taking on a base, maybe they just stumbled upon it. It seems we have been assigned a Psyker to fly down with us, as much as it makes me nervous being around such, the commander has promised me this man is untainted by chaos and something was compelling him to assist us down in the dredges of the world below, I have not seen ferver for battle in someones eyes like that since Grimes... poor bastard.

Oh Emperor Bless! As we are taking off the vid is showing one of the dreadnoughts and the defiler swarm into a 21 man strong squad of the 23rd, their commissar is somehow holding them together to hold back those monsters but it won't be long till there is nothing left but their broken bodies, the comm chatter is all quiet except for the sounds of their screaming death, they weren't even equipped with grenades to take on such a thing. They already lost a quarter of their number.

As we hit the atmosphere a cheer goes up from the entire crew and myself, though Primaris Psyker Zahleed kept quiet, as a lucky missile launcher shot from a bunker ripped through the second dreadnought right before we lost radio contact and the video signal.

May the Emperor bless us in this battle, and may my boys and I come home from this alive if he so wishes.


  1. Cheers. I'm really enjoying these posts. It's a great idea, and extremely well executed. Cheers again.

  2. Well it is good to hear that someone out there is. I know Samsquanch Monster is along with some of the regulars at the FLGS but nice to hear others are. Hope you will enjoy the rest of thus weeks entry.