Wednesday, July 28, 2010

OK so trying something new... tell me how you like it.

Alright so Samsquanch Monster has decided to start his own campaign at our FLGS and we had our first mission last week. If you want to know what we did check out our friend's site Craftworld Lansing as he gives a basic rundown. However what I am going to try and do is give a perspective on what happened in the games based on my Units and how the game went. Giving this a story kind of feel. I hope you all enjoy it.

Sgt. Gunther Thorn's Diary
Entry 1: Scouting Mission on unknown planet.

We have been on the Battleship Ravard for what seems like months traveling to this system. I personally do not recognize once we have arrived, and the commanding officers haven't given me any clue as to our location. That is o.k., my boys don't need to know where they are, only that the Emperor wills it. The new kid, Private Raines, seems to know how to handle the plasma gun and has not had a single backfire since we started hitting the practice range with it. That at least is good news as the last chump fried his brains using the damn thing.
According to the mission report we will be equipped with a demolition charge and each man have melta bombs. Also we are getting a hold of some Carapace Armor and snare mines. The camo cloaks have been helpful in the past and my request for them has gone through. At least I know my men will be well hidden if it comes to that.

Entry 2: Scouting Mission
It seems we have been given the task of destroying a fuel depot, a get in and get out kind of scenario, although we were told to expect some resistance from some grots. Like that is gonna scare my boys, we have run across these creatures before when clearing off Cretia 9, but mainly they ran away, the Commander seems to think there is more to it than that but he wont tell me exactly his worries, but I don't expect him to. We are heading to get our blessing from Brother Francis, and I almost wish he was going with us on this, but we are supposed to strike silent like. I have given Private Joas and Private Polan the Meltagun and Grenade Launcher respectively. They know how to handle those weapons well enough, the rest of the fellows get regular weaponry except Private Grimes, who as usual will get the demo charge, he loves his explosives, already lost three fingers but that has only made him more fanatical in his duties for the Emperor. I could not ask for a better second in command.

Entry 3: We have touched ground.
We have touched ground, a lot more noise in this jungle than I anticipated. We keep hearing what sounds like some kind of broken down bike. Nearing a clearing and the men are spreading out, looks like we are about to make contact, time to draw my power sword, as I have a bad feeling I will need to use it.

Entry 4: Just out of surgery.
Well It seems things have not gone according to plan, according to the surgeon I am the only survivor. It happened so fast but I will write down what I can recall, Emperor willing.
We spotted what looked like a quad bike, with a heavy flame thrower on it, Polan knew that thing would burn us to pieces if it got near so he shot a round at it, unfortunately he missed, and the camp... army... or however you call a group of those damned things, gretchin, were swarming around, no orcs in sight. In fact the gretchin were using the vehicle and there were five groups of them, tow or three a piece, carrying big guns. I yelled for Raines and Joas to take shots at the warbuggie but Joas was out of range and Raines could not see the damned thing. The next thing I knew the damned thing kicked in gear and screamed right towards Joas and Polan, the flames breathing over them and leaving nothing but screaming flesh behind, may the Emperor take their poor souls. Raines got ripped apart by one of the big guns and I heard Stephens go down too.
From there it quickly fell into a fire fight, three or four of my men running to the buggie and placing some melta bombs onto it exploding it, yet no one was scathed. I heard Private Kellers lasgun ripping off shots and the screaming of a few dying gretchin and it brought my own reverie to and end along with Grimes we decided to try and flank the enemy, hoping to get to their edge. It was all for naught through, Grimes spotted them first and just tossed his demo charge it must have killed 5 or 6 of them in the blast but it was not enough, and all the dodging he tried to do did not work out either as he was killed by a slug through the skull, or at least that is how it looked from my angle.
I am not sure exactly what happened then. I just remember Screaming in fury at the top of my lungs, and running out slicing apart the bodies of the fucking greenskins, my power swords slicing through their flesh like soft butter. I must have killed 7 of them before the first bullet made its way through a tree limb and my armor taking me down into a pit. It did not kill me, it seems the Emperor has plans for me still. However the gretchin did not find my body either, yet their own fears of my killing caused them to back away from the fuel depot we were sent to kill, I could see it off in the distance though it seemed a mile away. I was making my way towards it, hoping to sneak into it and take it down when one of those groups carrying a gun came out of the building, it made a quick stab at them, but to no avail and they were not quick enough to strike on me. Running out into the forest I made it back to the pick up zone just in time to be taken up. I don't remember the ride. Despite my failure, Commissar Lord Zerovich paid me a personal visit in the hospital, giving me a promotion instead of a death sentence. Well its more of a lateral move, but it seems I am now in charge of a group of Storm Troopers who will be dropping in with the next wave. May the Emperor protect me and my new men.

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