Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Plastic Daemon Prince kit review! photos of it fully built!

Old School here and I got my hands on one of the Daemon Prince boxes that just came in. I just want to provide a review of the kit since I have not seen too many others with their hands on it.

First off and foremost, the DP is the perfect size, not too big so as to EVERYONE line of sight like a Trygon does, but big enough to still be a terrifying evil SOB on the battlefield. The wings work in this regard as well, allowing the DP to fit into ruin quite easily and look good doing it.

The wings, the legs, the bits of armour and for the most part the three heads that come with the kit are all first rate plastic bits, very well sculpted. The swords are cool, but could tone down the cartoonish element a tad and I'd be much happier. The only parts that seem like they could go back for a re-sculpt are the hands with the LONG fingers. Both hands have issues where it seems whole surfaces of the fingers lack detail or come together with no clear definition.

Aside from that, however, this is a really solid kit and on note on construction that I have to note is the fact that the seemless design of this model allows it to go together smoothly with no noticable gaps and a total construction time of about 40 minutes, counting time it takes to scrape the mold lines.This is a huge improvement on the metal prince.

Now it may seem like I went bog-standard with this model and yes I did. I wanted to make one as the folks at GW intended, so that I can show off the extra side bonus of this kit - the fact that with the remaining bits and maybe one extra set of wings, you can make two DPs from the sprue. Stand-by for my upcoming post on the second prince!

If you are in Lansing or near it, then get to Evolution Games today and place an order for one or three of these models. Get there early as the order goes out in the afternoon!

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  1. One of the guys at the FLGS I go to was painting one of these Monday. He was using it to show off some painting techniques he's picked up at a class recently. Really nice model.