Monday, August 9, 2010

Thunda Porkaz Update: Another Pig Lord and 1st squad of Long Tusks!

Old School here with another update on the Thunda Porkaz Project, which is phase 1 of a gag army project which will see its way through immitations of some of the best armies out there! First up is the latest Pig Lord mounted on Thunda Porka. He is armed with a Uge Blade (frost blade) and Sturm Shield, which I am thinking of renaming a slop shield. He will be my Warrior Born Lord and very much looks the part.

Here are three Long Tusks from my "Furst Long Tusk" squad, there is one that counts as a heavy bolter, one with missile launcha and a nob to act as the squad leader.

Here are the remaining members of this squad - two more missile launcher counts as and a counts as heavy bolter. So far, I have spent less than 100 dollars and still have MANY more orks to put together. The models would be a small dent in an actual Ork army, but when you look at it as a way to do a "Counts As" army, you can really make a dollar stretch.

Here is the first squad team photo. That is all for tonight on the Thunda Porkaz and for my misguided Ork project. Let me know what you think.


  1. That's an awesome idea. I've always appreciated those army conversions that allow for drifting between various codex options. Orks offer up a wealth of opportunity for just an army. Good luck with the project and keep us up to date with progress photos.

  2. Thanks chosen, I was starting to think the web hated these guys.

  3. Tell the internet to go frakk itself. I'm jealous, that's all that matters. ;)