Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Pork Project Update: Thunda Porka w/ Butcha Claw OR Painboy Biker!

Alright, here is the latest Thunda Porka Boy; This one will be a counts-as Wolf Claw guy (single claw + Storm Shield on Thunder Wolf), but I modelled him as a painboy so that if I decide to run them as a Space Marine force with Apothacaries, I can use him OR if I want to run orks, he is simply a painboy Nob Biker.

The Urdy Syringe was a simple enough conversion once I found the Fabius Bile bit I needed. From there I wanted it to have a Giant tank which will look half full of gore when it is painted.

All in all, I just really wanted to make a painboy and this was a great outlet to do so and hopefully it makes for a good counts-as. If not, he will ride the shelf and I will put a proper claw-looking arm on a different ork.
What do you guys think?

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  1. Looking pretty awesome, I might have to try building one for my beastmarine/space goat project.
    Originally I was planning on using the upcoming plastic blood crushers and trying to green stuff a new head so they look like massive boars, then using the boar boyz boars as fenrisian wolves, though skipping the blood crusher step would save me a ton of cash :D