Thursday, August 12, 2010

Campaign Mission #3 Repost

Samsquanch Monster Here,

well guys mission #2 was awesome. there was some serious carnage as the attacking force made there drop planet side. however the defenders are now making there counter assault. attackers defend your flanks cause there coming in force.

Points: 1,000
Force Organization:
Attackers- HQ:1-2 Elite:1-4 Troops:0-1 Fast:2-4 Heavy:0-2
Defenders- HQ:0-1 Elite:0-2 Troops:0-2 Fast:2-6 Heavy: NONE

Deploy the attackers first. All attackers HQ, Elites, and Fast choices start the game on the table. Any Troops or Heavy Support units start the game in Reserve. They should be placed in there deployment zone, up to 18" from their table edge.

Next deploy the defenders. All HQ, Troop, and Fast Attack choices start the game on the table. Place the defenders in their deployment zone, up to 6" from their table edge. Any Elite Choices start the game in reserve roll for where they will move on from , shown on the map( to be posted latter tonight). roll a D6 for each unit Reserve unit with deep strike special rule may enter play using deep strike(attackers and defenders).

Victory Conditions:

do your best to hold the flanks from the on coming horde.

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