Saturday, August 7, 2010

Sgt. Gunther Thorn's Diary Week 2 part 2

Week 2 Entry 2:

The roar of the engines drowned out the first few seconds of thought once we hit the landing pad inside the base. It seems that one of the Scout Sentinels was in for repairs and is now to the right of us, its autocannon roaring to life as it attempts to tear apart that predator but to no avail. Another squad of men, twenty strong seem to have some lascannons on and are turning them towards the predator, but through the haze of smoke given off from the ruined dreadnought I can see it rocked the vehicle but the daemonic visage that seems to be given it power just laughs at the pitiful attempt.

Far away there is a loud flash of light, an explosion, bright orange flame spurting into the air, I can not see what caused it, no known fuel cells are over there, and the only unit nearby was that small squad of heretic marines. Emperor bless whomever would try to surprise those bastards. I sent out a call up to the Emperor's Holy Shield to see if they could spot who helped us, so far they haven't seen anything.

However spotting that had caused my eyes to wander up the field and spot a visage that scares me mightily. A land raider in the distance, and if my memory serves me correctly the heraldry on it serves me correctly, its some sort of command. The hope would be that it is empty, but I doubt we are that lucky.

Through the comms we can still hear the commissar screaming to his troops to keep up the good fight, but it was only him and the sergeants left and their pitiful bodies are torn to pieces. I can see the blood spray from here. Emperor protect us the dreadnought and defiler are free to start wandering the field of battle again.

Psyker Zaleed wants us to get close to the edge of the drop zone so perhaps we can climb down the ladders there. Nothing is in range of our guns to I agree and tell the men to get moving. Best to get off this damn thing anyhow, the entire enemy forces saw us land, no doubt they will want to aim for us next.

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