Sunday, August 8, 2010

Unusual Ork Sighting: Da Thunda Porkas!

It's a Nob, It's a Goat, no - it's a PIG!

Recent Imperial Broadcasts have reported a brutal new Waagh that seems to have erupted from the Warp. Reports state that these Ork fight differently than any previously known to the Imperium. The conflicting reports speak of near invincible Bosses riding upon Primitive Boars. Imperial Forces are advised not to underestimate the primitive appearance of these Orks, as their ballistic accuracy is on point with the legendary Astartes. While the enigmatic Waagh may seem like a flash in the pan, members of the Inquisition now fear that a Warp Spawned Pork Diety may be attempting to flex it's muscles in the Materium.
Transmission to Waargh Ghazkull bosses from Da Boss 'Imself - Yah, I erd of dem boyz wit dem pigs. Word is day don' evern run a proppa Waargh, but dem boyz is tuff and dead killy ... lets catch sum of erm and sort dis out fer good ....

Alright, so I have decided to create a gag army, one that can be used to represent quite a few of the other armies out there with little to no change in the basic composition of the force. I want to do a hilarious take on some of the toughest lists and playstyles out there right now. What this means is that you will find Thunda Porkaz now, but maybe Swine Crushaz or a Pig Thursta next, who knows, maybe a Far Squeeler and his Squeeler Council after that. I think Bacon Loving Warp altered Orks who worship Pigs will open up some fun experiences, allow me to talk Orky and bring some good laughs to the FLGS!
The orks above this paragraph is a Pork Lord riding his Thunda Porka. He represents a Saga of the "Boar" Lord armed with a "Thunda-Choppa" and "Sturm Shield"
Instead of being bent on making them look like they had power armour and high speed gear, I decided the Ramshackle look of everything would be funnier, so the wooden Sturm Shields are a must!

This fellow is another Thunda-Porker with Power Claw and Sturm Shield. He also has potential to be a good Nob or Warboss on bike in a traditional Ork army.

This is the Iron Pig, His sero arm is attached to the twisted meat of his shoulder and his thunder hammer is a blunt, aweful looking slab of powered metal on a stick.

All in all, these models have been a lot of fun to put together. Right now the torsos are only hels on with white tac, so I can fix them later. The bases are going to be magnetized to allow me to switch between cavalry bases and 60mm bases, allowing the maximum playability for the Boyz.
This is just the beginning of this project so be on the look out for more stuff and don't forget to check the link to my ebay sales up top on the right column! Feedback, as always is very welcome!


  1. I'm confused; is this a cybork themed army? Or are these ork-proxy models for Eldar...?

  2. The idea is that they can proxy multiple armies. Bikes in SM armies, Thunderwolf cav (with help from elevated basing) in SW proxy, Bloodcrushers in a very imaginative Deamons proxy or even crazier ... I plan to make this a fun take on 40k tourney armies - period.

  3. I love it if you make one of our tournaments we'll have to do some inventive game scheduling and make sure your Orcs as SW/Eldar run into a Kroot Counts as Orcs army. Nothing on the table is as it seems!

  4. Anywhere along the I96/I23 Corridor...

    Next tournament is the 15th at Riders hobby shop in Ann Arbor. Though I'm pretty sure he's playing his kroot as kroot this time.

    And yes I'm trying to make it to your guy's end of days tourney.