Friday, August 13, 2010

It Came From The Forums! Klausmasterflex's Incredible Iron Hands!

Old School here with a new feature from DFG and one hell of a post to start it off with. After the lively discussion brought up by the "Are Forums Still Relevant" Post, we have decided to do the hard work (lol) and dredge the forums for some of the best and brightest work there that ISN'T already flying around the blogs. We will explore the forums for great armies paintjobs and project logs and bring them to you here - to save you all the work and to recognize these great artists for their incredible contributions to the hobbies. Who know's, maybe some of the artists will become bloggers - maybe some of you will start frequenting forums again.
Anyway first up is an incredible army I found on Dakka while browsing at work during a break. Klausmasterflex posted this thread as a project log for his Iron Hands (the digital artwork above is also one of his projects). Let's take a look at his work.

One of the first photos I found was this Sgt with combi melta. The little cog bits drew me in and I had to know where they came from.

Once again, more cog bits and a classic strap conversion on the bolter using some well-applied plasticard. Also note the bionic leg. These are no simple vanillas painted black, this is a person who obviously loves the Iron Hands!

When I saw this mini, I wanted to make it. The tube around the back and the bionic eye and leg are simply too cool.

Yes, he even made his own shoulder pads!

More outstanding bionics on this Sternguard.

Another view with the custom shoulder pad on that Sternguard.

Here is the budding sternguard squad standing in front of a very nicely done dreadnought (check out the actual project log for more photos of the dread).

Here is a quick shot of his plastic Master of the Forge conversion. I really like the head.

Here is the MotF with his pack assembled. I really love how the arms look exactly like the ones in the codex!

Here it is disassembled. The thunderhammer is out of control!

You knew it was coming, an Iron Hands counts as Vulkan. He appears to be a True Scale Marine. His shield looks very IH and That spear is one of the best take I have seen on the spear yet.

Once again ... WOW. This Veulcan really has it all and includes so many great things from Space Marine artwork.

And now we get into the painted stuff.

I really like how dirty it all is ... it fits the Iron Hands to not be hung up on their appearances while prosecuting war! The traces of white really help to break up the feel of the all black power armour.

The painted squad looks great. may favorite is the multi-melta guy.

If you enjoyed these photos, check out the actual project log and make sure you give Klausmasterflex some props for the outstanding work and keep your eyes on his posts, I think the best is yet to come!


If you have a link to an awesome post from any of the forums, please share it with us at our e-mail. We will gladly post it! We here at DFG just want to help these folks get recognition and encourage the posting of great content on the forums!


  1. That's some serious work! Where did he get the cogs from? I know the 40K basing kit comes with some stuff, but I definitely don't remember those sizes and shapes in the brass sprue...

  2. Follow the link I posted. He explains everything in detail!

  3. wow !
    i like your miniatures.
    You have good ideas !!!


  4. A little late, but thanks for all the love.

    GW had some strong feelings about this army and were kind enough to give me a featurette.

    The article I wrote has the current build of the army, as well as lots of details and painted minis. Check it out!