Monday, January 21, 2013

Tips and Tutorials from the DFG Hub: Our Authors Whip it On!

Old School here with an update to the HUB. Since we haven't gotten any new tutorial links from the blogging community, we are adding some of our own to the mix. The list below is far from all of our tuts and tips, but it was a lot of fun going through them and revisiting some of those old gems!

 If you want to add your tutorials to our hub page, then send them in to us at and we will add a link to the page that will direct traffic to your page. We get 60k+ visitors a month and want to help our readers find YOUR BLOG. 

Here is just some of what DFG has dropped into the Hub this week!

Corrupted Flesh Tutorial by Old School Terminator

Painting Tips
Painting Camouflage Patterns with Silly Putty by Old School Terminator
Maintaining your paint's body by CVinton

DIY Chaos Dreadclaw Drop Pod Conversion by Old School Terminator
Thunder Hammers for Dreadnoughts by Old School Terminator
Necron Guass Rod Switch by Old School Terminator
Rough Rider Conversion (Glade Rider Horses) by CVinton
Building a Better Chaos Heldrake Part 1 by Old School Terminator
Building a Better Heldrake Part 2 by Old School Terminator

Magnetizing the Leman Russ Battle Tank Turret by CVinton
Easy Necron Re-Animation Protocol Markers by Old School Terminator

Sculpting Purity Seals by CVinton
Sculpting Fur By CVinton
Green Stuff Tip: Layering By CVinton
The Salamander Land Raider Sculpting Project By CVinton
Green Stuff Chains by CVinton

Easy Barbed Wire by CVinton

Hopefully as time goes on, more people choose to contribute to the awesome library of links we have and will continue to build!

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