Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Tau Broadsides and Fire Warriors: Stark Industries Style

Jarvis, AKA Old School Terminator, here with the latest production series of Iron Man Mark Tau goodies from my current Stark Industries-themed commission project! This is turning out to be a pretty fun paint scheme as it fluffs both my love of xenos and bright colors while also embracing one of my youth's favorite comic book heroes. Let's take a look:

So, this week's addition to the force involves three Broadside Battle Suits and six Fire Warriors. The Tau's finest fighters are rocking some Iyanden Yellow cloth, washed sepia, my special airbrushed three-shade red armor, Ultra Marine/ Temble Blue glowing parts and good old Dawnstone Grey accessories. Once the models were painted to the agreed upon standard, weathering was applied through selective use of powders and Leadbelcher wear on any forward facing ridges and corners on the armor (a good Fire Warrior never turns his back to the fight, lol).

With that said, I am quite happy with how these Fire Warriors came out and based on the few example models the client provided me, I think they live up to his vision of the paint scheme as well.

There is something about the Tau that I enjoy from a painting stand point and I can't put my finger on it. Perhaps I have been painting evil power armored Chaos Guys and Necrons for too long and this is a welcome break ... or there is something to the basic FW that really excites me on some basic level. Who knows.

Moving on to the Broadsides, I used much the same method as the Fire Warriors to paint them, with basically just slight variation on how and where to apply cetain parts of the color pattern.

The scheme really gets the chance to shine on these larger models, though now that I have moved into standard Crisis Suits since painting these, the shoulder mounted weapons do take away from the overall look of the model and would regardless of scheme. I hope GW gives us an arm mounted variant to the old Iridium Collossus that is the Broadside!

That is it for now on these. This time next week, I will be posting some of the stuff that is on the bench right now, including another set of Fire Warriors, a crisis suit team, a crisis commander and at least one Devil Fish and ... maybe a bunch of Drones! Keep your eye out for more Iron Man themed Tau!


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