Sunday, March 4, 2012

Cheap and Easy Necron Reanimationtion Protocol/ Everliving Tokens

Old School here tonight with a quick idea for Reanimationtion Protocol or Everliving tokens/ markers (obviously these are not fully painted yet). Now, I know some folks out there want to tip your models over and that's fine with me, but I like the completest idea of having everything handled, like markers for Quantum Shielding and the protocols and ...

... while I I am still looking for a good QS marker, I made these from bits and the best part is, I can make 10 more from the same box set - the Ghost Ark. The same kit that made my Triarch Stalker (look for that any day now), gave me bits for my wraiths and a wreck marker or two has now given up my first ten markers (the legs will make another ten).

Personally, I am not a big fan of green, plastic markers like the ones I have seen or awkward ones with drawings of skull on them. I also don't like spending the extra dough on stuff like that when I can make something, so much like the Destroyer Lord, I looked for an Easy, Cheap and Effective way to handle it. I like the look of this and if you have built a Stalker or even just a Doomsday Ark, you will have the left over torsos and heads for this and the legs too.

Anyway, just a quick idea for the late evening/ early morning time for those of you with a passion for walking dead robots! Comments are always appreciated!


  1. Brilliant. I love how these look.

  2. I like them. Pretty sweet actually taking a step beyond just tipping the models over like everyone else.

  3. This is so simply but such a great idea

  4. Excellent use of bits! I'm sticking with my white-plastic Litko skull markers, but I think these set a new standard.