Friday, March 2, 2012

It Came from the Forums: WAAAARGH Grimcog! The Necrorkz Rise!

Old School here with another edition of It Came From the Forums. Today we look at Waaargh Grimcog, Jaggedtoothgrin's Necrorkz! One of the things I love about doing this series is the chance to feature the beautiful, amazingly converted and fun armies out there! Today's entry is certainly one of the most fun we have ever featured!

Alright, so the Grimcog army is set up to work as an old school Necron army, but with the charm and anything goes mentality of the Orkz. These boyz have certainly got a good mech and the steampunk orky theme permeates every model in this army.

The Lord (and in fact most of the army) utilizes the Fantasy Black Orc kit to create the faceless robot feel of the Crons. The lord is WYSIWYG, a mark of a good counts as army and while he looks alien and cold, he still had that reckless orky disposition!

Da Nightbringa, not so much a shard as he is a wholesale, ripped killing machine (literally). The torso is incredible and it makes me wonder how much is sculpt, how much is conversion and ... how the hell it was made! This is what conversions are supposed to be - they are supposed to look like they came out of the box like this and for that, I tip my hat to Jaggedtoothgrin!

These Sesame Street style robots are the Spyders of the army and while their look may come off as silly, they embody the campy Ork style that I think should be present in an army like this. The look says "Don't take us TOO serious, but serious work went into us". I have always wanted an ork army with silly robots and every time I see an army like this, I think I let the opportunity pass by making a standard army.

Let's talk wraiths. These (most assuredly Grot piloted) bots keep the style seen with the cans running and really showcase a level of scratch building talent in that they are flawlessly done and add to the overall theme of the army. The wind-up parts are hilarious!

The meet and potatoes of the army would have to be the Boyz or in this case, the warriors. The Black Orcs are used again here, but with slugga parts and bits of green rod to give them a very Necron-Ork style, which being the large model investment of the army is perfect for the Necrork theme.

The Destroyerz are also pretty funny and while I craved more hilarious robots with wind-up parts, this works too.

What Necrork BossLord would leave home without some wind up toy scarabs?

One of the things I love in armies like this is the completist feel. Objective markers are often overlooked when an army is created. Not here: This army come full on with a host of Wind-up piggies, which appeals to my days making my own Thundaporkaz! You could say that to win a game, you would have to "Bring home the bacon" ... what? Not funny?

Fighting the NightBringa for the centerpiece title is the Monolith. What a work of Orky art this is. It would have been easy to slap some glyphs on a monolith and call it a day, but no, this artist went all the way! Look at the cogs!

Look at this cannon. No Necromek would go out with some Jared the jeweler gem piece, MORK NO! He goes out with a ridiculously Orky Mega Kannon! This is THE best monolith conversion I have seen so far!

So, if you liked what you saw here, check out the artist's original thread here on Warseer and let him know what you think. In fact, tell him to get to work on some stuff for the new dec! I would love to see a Stalka or a flying saucer piloted by orkz with a Deff Ray!

Comments as always are welcome!


  1. That is quite possibly one of the best, if not the best, counts as Armies that I have seen. Bravo. Oh, and if a company were to cast that pig up, I would be broke, haha.

  2. Amazing. I'd love to convert up some wraiths using the same bottom half as "Da Nightbringa" - Those are amazing... how'd he do it!?

  3. I love the time and care that go into these armies. A true hobbyist. Well done.

  4. Uh.... WOW. Seriously one of the coolest non-standard, never would of thought it would work but did conversions, ever! I would like to throw you a shout out on my Blogger's Best. Crazy stuff man.