Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Green Stuff: Fur (with video)

Per request from Skarvald the Troll-faced, here is the first video in what is hopefully a long line of videos about working with green stuff.

Now that you've watched the video, let me focus the camera a little better...

The pattern I wanted you to go for looks like this:

If you repeat this pattern over the whole model you'll come out with a nice fur texture. The 's' can be lengthened or shortened depending on what kind of look your going for, whether long shaggy hair or short human hair. After you get done with your pattern you can just go back and pinch the edges to have them come to a point and even lift them up to give more depth to the sculpt.

And since my flip wasn't focusing for jack here are the final product pictures. Hope it helped! Questions and comment welcome as always.


  1. Hey, great tutorial and the result is brilliant, the look of the fur is very very good.

    As to your problems with focus on the flip, the problems is most likely your use of mirrors for your palette and base surface. The autofocus is always trying to focus on what is reflected in both mirrors. To improve it for next time, have a completely uniform background both on your table, and on anything that you pick up, that way the camera should focus on the model you are holding and not on the background.

  2. Hey, thanks for fulfilling my request! This tutorial is simply awesome and I will definitely feature it on
    Still a little confused on the whole S-shape deal, but I suppose you pretty much need to give it a try to get the concept.
    I also agree with bG - the focus problem seems to be coming from the mirror palette. ;)
    ~ Thanks and good luck with this series of green stuff tutorials. I'll be watching you.. Muhahahahaha!

  3. Any time. Thanks for the tip about the camera, now that its pointed out to me, that makes total sense. I'll have to have some piece of glass cur or use a piece out of an old picture frame or something for up coming GS videos.

    The S is really weird to understand and explain. Basically you just need to keep the knife straight as you move through your S shape. So when you start to pull the curve you just spin it between your fingers a little so that the knife side of the instrument is always the part that is gliding through the GS. Otherwise, if you didn't rotate the blade, you'd have a thin line down, a thick line sideways and a thin line for the last part down.

  4. Fantastic tutorial. If I ever need fur in the future I'll use these techniques.

    Any chance there will be one for full body robes in the future?

  5. very nice sir. I would love to see your take on regular cloaks and robes. fur has always been a bugger for me I am glad you did that one first.