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Welcome to the Hub. Here we have links submitted by fellow bloggers, readers, Forum members and more - all with the goal of helping YOU find great tutorials and free game aids for War Gaming. Following a link will take you cack to the original source of the link, so please check them out and spend some time exploring the great blogs of our contributers! If you would like to submit a link, please send us an E-Mail with the subject line DFG Links to darkfuturegame@gmail.com and list your tutorials by catagory with links included.

Industrial weathering with paint from Cameron
Airbrushing Imperial Fist yellow power armour from Cameron
Airbrushing graffiti from Cameron
Painting Heresy-Era Thousand Sons crimson from Mordian7th
Alpha Legion by Zab
Painting Shipping Containers by Cameron
Painting Kabal of the Black Heart Dark Eldar Video by Eddie
Painting Dark Eldar Wracks Video by Eddie
Corrupted Flesh Tutorial by TJ Atwell

Painting Tips
Painting Camoflague Patterns with Silly Putty by TJ Atwell
Maintaining your paint's body by CVinton

Vellejo Primers by Zab

Resin Casting
CVinton's Simple Resin Casting Tutorial

Building a servitor from Cameron
Cyclone Missile Launcher Conversion from Angels of Death
Yet Another Cyclone Missile Launcher Conversion by TJ Atwell
Tons of Tyranid Conversion Tutorials from 40kAddict
From WAY back, building mechanized Rough Riders from Mordian7th
Dreadnought Plasma Cannon Conversion by Angels of Death
Amazing Conversion Parts for Space Marines and Terminators by Iron Legion
Super Simple Combi-Melta Conversion by Iron Legion
DIY Chaos Dreadclaw Drop Pod Conversion by TJ Atwell
Thunder Hammers for Dreadnoughts by TJ Atwell
Necron Guass Rod Switch by TJ Atwell
Rough Rider Conversion (Glade Rider Horses) by CVinton
Building a Better Chaos Heldrake Part 1 by TJ Atwell
Building a Better Heldrake Part 2 by TJ Atwell

Magnet Self Help by Iron Legion
Creating A Dual Use Necron Ghost/ Doomsday Ark by Iron Legion
Fixing Drop Pod Doors by Iron Legion
Making Standing Necrons by Iron Legion
Magnetizing the Leman Russ Battle Tank Turret by CVinton
Easy Necron Re-Animation Protocol Markers by TJ Atwell

Scratch Building Super Heavies
Building the Leviathan Command Carrier Series from Mordian7th:

Sculpting tools from Cameron
Sculpting Death Guard belly armour from Cameron
Sculpting with Chapstick and Gale Force 9 Greenstuff from Cameron
Converting the Dark Vengeance Marines Into Angels of Redemption from Zab
Casting Hands with Green Stuff by Iron Legion
Sculpting Purity Seals by CVinton
Sculpting Fur By CVinton
Green Stuff Tip: Layering By CVinton
The Salamander Land Raider Sculpting Project By CVinton
Green Stuff Chains by CVinton

Brick bases with press molds from Cameron
Custom industrial bases with plasticard from Cameron

Assembling Showcase Models
Assembling the 40k Crimson Fist Anniversary Model from Zab

Painting chipped metal and rust on terrain from Cameron
Building a Modular canal system from Cameron
Building urban barricades from Cameron
Building shipping containers from Cameron
Terrain Templates from 40kAddict
Modular Industrial Terrain Quick and Easy by KrautScientist
Quick and Easy Barricades by KrautScientist
Easy Barbed Wire by CVinton

Budget Miniature Photography: Set up from Cameron
Budget Miniature Photography: Lighting from Cameron
Budget Photo Setup from Angels of Death

Free Counter Downloads:
Rules Counters for gaming from Angels of Death:
Gaming Aids and Counters from 40kAddict

Hobby Discussion

Why you should build your own Terrain by KrautScientist
Part1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5


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