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Flyrant by Artist of the Week: Menelker!

Welcome to our Features Page. This page is dedicated to regular features we run to help promote the hobby, art and other bloggers of this strange community we call Wargaming. Linked below are some of our most popular series. By clicking the link, you will open up a page with every post we have ever done in the series starting from the most recent to the very oldest. There are a ton of links to other blogs, galleries and forums, so enjoy yourself and feel free to explore. Our goal with this page is to open your mind to new things you have never seen before!

It Came From the Forums

- It came from the forums is a series we started recently to help promote the use of forums for one of the things they really so get right - art! In these posts, you will find incredible painting and conversion peices from other hobbyists from around the world. One of them might be you!

DFG Network Top Posts of the Week

- A collection of our weekly feature where our authors go through the posts of members of the DFG Network blogs and pull out what we really like and would like others to see. We usually are a little random, but at times (like Halloween) we will name a theme for the week. For more information, visit our "Join the DFG Network" Page.

GW Alternatives

- In this series, we examine models made by other companies that could fit in with the 40k or WHFB ranges and ideas for how to do so. We have articles that range from great Tyranid boneswords to alternate models for the Grey Knights Dreadknight.

Blogs of Note

-Blogs of Note are a little bit random. When I see a new blog I think is great or a blog that has an incredible post that just cannot be ignored, I will usually post a Blog of Note entry to help draw some extra attention to the blogger!

DFG Painting Challenge Hall of Fame!

The DFG Painting Challenge is something we put together about once a year when we really need to get stuff painted. We sound the horn and call out the other bloggers and hobbyists out there to come and paint a KP a week with us. We have Done two challenges, resulting in over a hundred KP painted across the blogosphere. Check out the hall of fame!

Wargaming on a Budget

-Wargaming on a Budget is a new series we have geared toward finding ways to lighten the financial burden the hobby can wrack up from magnets to carrying case, we will cover every penny pinching tip.

Artist of the Week

-Artist of the Week is a feature we ran for 6 months and then stopped, though we have been looking at a way of fitting it back in. These artists are the real deal and are often Golden Daemon Winners.