Sunday, February 22, 2015

Mauler Fiend Progress and Making Bits DIY

TJ here with an update as well as a little tip on making bits that fit from bits that ... well, just don't. Let's not waste time here ...

General Green Stuff coverage continues as I build the "skin" to conform with the plastic GW parts of the model.

And then there is the radical addition of ( DUN, DUN, DAH!) shoulder pads! As much fun as I make of it here and within the confines of my workshop, they have made a world of difference in shaping this from a wormish thing with legs tacked on - to a real model that is coming together.

As I worked in the legs I stole from another model, I started to add more green stuff cables that I easily make with my Tentacle Maker from GSI

As I move forward with the project, I need to start looking toward basing, something that has held me back from finishing my Carrion Daemon.

One little thing was bothering me with this model as I started to build the chest. I wanted there to be some semi-exposed ribs. That's easy right? Just whip out the ribs from the Terrorgeist kit ... hmmm. They are a little too thick though.

Rather than dremel these bits and do all manner of sweat-inducing work, why not make a copy of them?

So, I took some spare Milliput, rolled out a nice pad to use as a mold and boom ...

... slammed in some ribs. Then I waited about an hour, so the shape of the ribs had set, but the plastic wasn't stuck inside the mold.

What I am left with is a couple of rib molds that I will likely use just once, but I will get a nice, pliable set of rib bits that will fit my project perfectly. If I wanted to make a mold that I would use more often, I would have made it out of green stuff so it would be flexible, but I went the cheap route here (Milliput is $8, GS is $20).

That is it for now. I have ideas floating around for the project. I am looking at possibly adding a super menacing rider just for looks ... then I think it doesn't need it, but then I start dry fitting. Anyway. Any good feedback at this point is useful as a good idea might just out of reach, waiting to impact the future of this project. 


  1. TJ- For these quick one of type projects, consider getting some instant mold. It is a plastic that softens in boiling water, cools quickly and can than be used to cast things using greenstuff. (I've seen people use a low heat resin as well but never tried it). I like it much better than the greenstuff molds I've made in the past. In addition to being ready in a few minutes, it has the advantage of being reusable. Just heat it up again and make a new mold.

    1. Thanks Paul. I have seen those in the past and always wished I picked them up.