Friday, June 29, 2012

The Yellow Necron Swarm Scuttles to War!

Old School here with my kill points for this week's Painting Challenge. This time, it's more Necron Warriors and a batch of scarabs for my Yellow Necron Army - which will likely start hanging out with some Chaos and Orks (as if yellow wasn't crazy enough on its own). Let's take a closer look at this week's effort!

I used the same techniques for these models as I have used in all of my Necrons so far to make a bright army with rust and chip weathering adding an illusion of detail and some contrast to the overall models.

The scarabs are straight up press molded from my self-made green stuff mold. 99 percent of them look just like the originals.

The warriors guns look way brighter in these photos than they really are, though the glaze does give them a certain glow, but that is what happens when you shoot things with cell phones!

That is it for my kill points this week. Next week I plan to post some Wraiths and scarabs and maybe some barges as well. We will see.

Keep us up in your windows tonight if you aren't going to be at one of the 6th edition release events. We are going to start examining the book tonight and posting along with it. If you are in Lansing, MI, come visit us at Evolution Games and if you are in Maryland, come out to Dropzone Games this weekend - myself and Wolfson will be gaming there Saturday ... and possibly Sunday too!


  1. They're a cracking looking army. Full of character. Really well painted too.

  2. Fantastic weathering effects, they really do look like they've been through the wars.