Friday, June 29, 2012

40k 6th Edition Rulebook Art at a Glance!

Old School here with the first part of a series of 6th edition that will start with the artwork in this post and progress through the fluff, the rules and eventually how each of our authors and contributor feels about their army's new rules and allies, with an open-minded view because we are all learning this together!

Anyway, the DFG crew in Lansing got a hold of the rulebook first and shot some pics of the new artwork, which features hellish landscapes and wicked creatures. Keep in mind that they were taken with a phone and click on the photos to enlarge them if you need. Enjoy:

I love how orks always seem to have so much fun beating on Humies!

I see some cool stuff here like Hrud and Zoats. I am glad this stuff still gets into the art and fluff!

My BFF Azreal and his creepy buddies. This is clearly an adaptation to an already existing sketch from the DA book. It makes me wonder how the DA book will look when it comes out.

This is pretty cool, though artistically it isn't right up my alley. Still, it is nice to have a colorful DE pic.

This is actually a classic image, but as long as they add new stuff, I actually like it. It always feels like I am seeing the history of the game when I recognize art from an older rulebook in a new one next to new art.

I always like these creepy, fear of God era style pics that remind me of the old Dante's Inferno art (not the game, kids).

Anyway, that is all for now. I just wanted to throw a little something out there for the folks who haven't gotten their hands on the book yet. I will hit fluff and allies next, so stay tuned. Thanks again to the DFG Lansing crew!


  1. that DA guy looks so out of proportion.... even if its a spacemarine, there's something i just dont like about it.

    1. I'm in total agreement. Someone better tell that Blood Angel that his power sword is only AP3 now...