Saturday, June 30, 2012

Keep Your Enemies Close: FAQs Calm the Allies Heat

If you are one of the people who are still really concerned about the possibility of Allies creating "broken combos," I would like you to a look at the FAQs posted this morning and comb through them. For the most part, allies, even brothers in arms can hold hands a little, but the full blown full-frontal festival many expected has been limited back to the realms of sanity. There are also some strange

A couple of things you can't do with your new BFFs:

Eldar can't use Dark Eldar Web Way portals

Vulcan He'stan only helps Codex: Space Marines gear

Blood Chalices only work for Codex: Blood Angels

There are more things you will pick up as you go through, including changes to weapons and the way some stuff armies have come to rely upon heavily work. I know people have been talking about the FAQs all day, but really, there is a lot of information there. I thought we had all the details this morning, but we still managed to play a game with Eldrad coming out of a Webway portal and Beastmaster attacking out of the Webway portal (you can't assault the turn you come out anymore).

Anyway, here is the link to the FAQs

What do you think about the changes the FAQs bring and how do you feel about the allies perceptions now that you can see where GW was going with it from the FAQ perspective? Is there any other change from the FAQs that maybe suprised you (Ork players, I know you are scratching your heads).


  1. It's a pretty big let down. I was pretty excited about allies as the big equalizer to the major cheeze lists. But today came with a big "Battle Brothers share powers, PSYCH!"

    I personally didn't have any crazy combos dreamed up as I chose to go the side of caution with my hopes and allied aspirations. I still think allies are sweet though. :)

  2. Bringing allies back the way they used to be was kind of nice. I am a big fan of being able to use all my Eldar together Dark or Craftworld. I also like having the option of taking a Crisis Suit Commander and some Fire Warriors with Broadside Support.

    I am not surprised at all about the limitations. I have been checking and double checking to see fi I could hit Dark Eldar with Eldar specific psychic powers. The point is made almost moot as most of the new Divination and Telepathy powers take the place of Eldar codex powers and bridge the gap. In some cases the powers are actually better. Regardless I can use them on anybody.

    Allies would not be fun or balanced if you could majorly cheese out a list and take advantage of powers and abilities from another codex that were clearly not meant for use with another army. Why would a Blood Chalice work on a Space Marine not of the Blood of Sanguinus. I see it as fluff dictating some things and its nice to see it again.

  3. I think people were more concerned about simply adding Mephiston or a unit of Broadsides to most armies.

  4. I know CSM are next and all, but the fact that wings make DP's jump monstrous creatures and not flying MCs is infuriating. At least I can run a daemon bomb properly now.

  5. Personally, I see Allies as a way to "get my hobby on" ... dear Lord, did I just type that?

    Anyway, the Allies rule has actually sparked my interest and drive to pick up my Tau concepts and realize them! Guard, Marines, etc...all drawn into the Greater Good, and modeled as such!!!

    Let the Conversion Opportunities Commence!!!