Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Yellow Test Necrons

Old School here with my weathered Necron Test Warriors ... which I am going to pass off as my KP this week since they are technically a KP. Anyway, bottom line up front: I have owned my Crons for quite some time and have been looking for an easy and effective way to paint them that will enable me to get them up and running (and looking good) while not taking too much away from knocking out the stragglers from my Death Wing or from the monumental paint project that is my Hive Fleet Behemoth. Anyway, this is likely going to be the last crappy photo shoot I have with my old camera (I am buying a new one), so while the colors didn't pop the way they do in real life, you will see more of the crons in the weeks to come, so enjoy the photos.

First, I airbrushed on Balor Brown as the base coat, then airbrushed a highlight of Yriel Yellow.

I then painted the parts I wanted white in old Astronomicon Grey.

I painted the base gravel and the joints and part of the weapon in Calthan Brown.

I then sponged on Bestial Brown in areas I wanted to have a chipped, rusted effect.

I then added bits of Leadbelcher, followed by tiny flecks of mythril silver into the rust chips, making some damage look newer.

I made sure to have plenty of the rust scraped off along areas where the joints move.

I then washed the gauss areas in Gulliman Blue, then follwed that by painting the non-recessed areas in Ice Blue.

I then painted the cork on the bases in Codex Grey and drybrushed the entire base in Bleached Bone and added static grass. Finally the base was ringed with Tausept Ochre.

I idea is simple. Make bold looking Necrons in bright colors and use a simple effect like chipping to add complexity and interest. I like it and plan to move on to the rest of the army between Tyranid models. Anyway, let me know what you think and like I said, there will be better and bright pics in the days to come, so please forgive the old camera before it gets put down like Old Yeller.


  1. Creepy!

    They look like naked dudes with Jaundice.

  2. Those look amazing, OST. An extremely effect paint scheme to begin with for intrest's sake, done very well with a final effect that while looking complex, you explained in a very efficient manner that wouldn't scare away a novice painter :) Or even just a novice to weathering.!

    The only thing I'd suggest is a final wash of a dark blue wash over the gauss effects. Even if you have to custom mix it, it'll give them a bit more of a glowy look with only one more step :)

    1. Thanks Tim, the blue is a little more basic than my intention, though it is much brighter in person (just as the yellow also has three tones in real life, lol). I am going to run a couple of tests tonight on these guys before getting to more complex models.

  3. Nice Weathering! Though I feel like the tausept bases take away from the Nercons a bit. Maybe the 2 yellows fight. Perhaps a darker rim might work better (could just be the photos though).

    1. Nice feedback Zab, I kind of felt the same, but wanted to see what another person's angle might be looking at it. I think I will go black or brown.

  4. Interesting color combo - I'm digging it!