Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Wolfson's Khymera KP

 Straight out of Commorraghs delightful nightmares comes my KP for the week.  The khymera are vicious beasts torn straight out of nightmares and used by my Dark Eldar in a much larger beast pack.  Lets take a look!

 I decided to use some old pewter chaos hounds I had lying around as I really like the model and it would save me a lot of money considering the real khymera are finecast.  The old minis still hold up as gruesome and dynamic and I enjoy them more than the current chaos hounds that i feel are a little cartoony.
 Nothing special with assembly just a base swap from the old cavalry bases and some mold line clean up.  I decided on a striking blue(Asurmen Blue Wash, Enchanted Blue, Ice Blue) and purple(Leviathan Purple Wash, Warlock Purple) paint scheme since these are not suppose to be your average wolf but some creatures ripped out of the warp so to speak.
 I worked the dogs damages through a flesh toned color palette (Tallarn flesh, Rotting Flesh, Ogryn Flesh Wash) incorporating reds(Mechrite Red, Blood Red) and bone(Dheneb Stone, Bleached Bone, Devlan Mud Wash) where necessary and hitting it with some red wash followed by gloss varnish in areas I felt should appear wet.
 The bases are khemri brown followed by snakebite leather and finally a light dusting of bleached bone.  Dead static grass was applied here and there with the rocks being done in adeptus battlegrey and shadow grey.

I really enjoyed painting these old school monstrosities and they were a nice break from my Dark Eldar paint scheme.  OST has been busy in my haemonculus Lab and he has come up with some nasty things so far.  The Grotesques are almost ready to be Unleashed!


  1. I am such a huge fan of the metal Chaos Warhounds and glad to see them put to good use and painted well! I am just exited to get your grotesques finished so you can paint them!

  2. I am looking forward to the grotesques OST has told me a few tidbits about these guys and they sound nice and twisted :-)

  3. Dig that paint scheme and choice of models for the Khymerae - the electric purple and teal give them a great warp-touched look. Great work!