Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Grotesque Files: Subject #7, The Twins!

Old School here with Subject #7 of the Grotesque Project. Tonight's creature is not one, but two creatures living in one body! I love this freak show! This guy took a little bit of TLC to build, so let's take a look!
The Twins were an idea I had after quite a few beers and a lot of staring at the minotaur torso ... I counted how many masks I had left and decided to go for the two headed look.

I used two seperate back pieces from the Crypt Fiend kit and glued one together, while wrapping the other around it. I wanted to create the effect of three spinal columns fused together at the small of the back and by the neck (yeah, freaky and probably impossible). I then added the green stuff and used my tools to shape it into the features of the back, being careful to match the crypt fiend back piece.

Now I know this back is huge, but I really love the fluff of the grotesques and if you read it, it is insane. Steroids, stimulants, DNA splicing, intentional mutation and even sewing creatures to other creatures are all common practices for the labs ... I figure this guy went through all of those steps!

Now somebody on another site that linked to one of my earlier subjects said that the model looked bad because it couldn't wipe itself. I don't think anybody in the dark city really minds if they can or can't and I don't think anybody would look at him twice for it!

But I digress. What really matters to me is that Wolfson likes them and that his squad of grotesques will be the most unique squad anyone will ever see. There are only three more to go! Keep your eyes peeled for the next Grotesque Subject!


  1. Every one of those things you've posted over the last week or so are frakken amazing! You are an artistic genius, sir!

  2. This one is easily my favourite out of the ones you have posted so far (although the Tickler comes in at a close second)! Splendid job, good sir!

    I especially like the raised lumps of flesh on his shoulders and the fact that his back looks so malformed. Like you said, he really looks like he was the subject of steroids and chemical treatments gone out of control.

    And please don't give a hoot about what somebody posted on somebody else's mother's blog (if you get my drift). You should never let considerations of practicality get in the way of the rule of cool when working on 40k models ;-)

    Keep up the great work!