Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Painting Challenge Week 9 round-up: Heresy World Eaters and Traitor Guard with a Look Ahead!

Old School here with this week's Painting Challenge Round Up! Week 9 brings us more from Mordian7th and Brian of Lead Legion! Let's take a look.
Above is Mordian7th's Heresy-Era World Eater Tactical Marines. Here is what he had to say about this week's challenge:

Hotter than blazes over this past weekend, so not a lot of hobby time (my work area is up in the loft, and it gets murderously hot up there), but I did manage to polish off the Tactical squad for the Heresy Era World Eaters. Up on deck now are a ten man squad of Assault marines for the World Eaters, though I'm struggling a bit to keep motivated on 'em. Looking around the Closet of Doom, my eye fell upon a unit of Iron Hands bikers that I'd built ages ago. I think they might end up on the painting desk instead - Mostly Black instead of Mostly White! Heh

Next up are the last units from Brian's traitor guard army (Yeah!) ... and the beginning of a Dark Eldar army for the Lead Legion! Here is what he had to say:

I finished off my last thirty IG vets during my week off, meaning that my 1500pt IG List is now fully assembled, kit-bashed, converted and painted. There's not a single infantry figure in the army that hasn't been kit-bashed or converted in some simple way (assuming you count trimming off Imperial Eagles as conversions). 

If you don't count trimming those off, then all but four have been converted in some other form or another. It's just a pity that most of this army had to be speed-painted. But not to worry -now that their done, I'm starting a new project that I can really sink my teeth into, so I'll still be taking part in the KP challenge.

If you haven't already signed up for it, please, you really should think about doing so. That weekly deadline is a great motivations to get some painting done.
 Anyway, here's a quick teaser of my next project for the KP challenge, Dark Eldar. I know the lines on the armour highlights aren't especially keen. That's because I originally made them pink. But the pink armour highlights combined with pink shoulder and knee plates was just too much. So I went over the highlights with a mid-tone purple instead.

It looks like 6th ed might actually nerf Dark Eldar players quite a bit. But them's the breaks. The new Overwatch rule, the random assault range and shooting as a reaction to being charged are going to be hell on most Dark Eldar assault builds, what with low saving throws and their reliance on fast,  lightly armored vehicles. Especially taking into account that the new Feel no Pain save is just a 5+ rather than a 4+. But what the heck, they still look cool and I've been wanting to paint these guys for ages. It's just a pity that 5th eds greatest triumph (the very well balanced Dark Eldar codex) is going to suffer so much in 6th. But there you go. It just mean's I'll have to go down the shooty Dark Eldar route instead.

There you have it folks! Another week down. We want to see more people join the challenge, so if you are painting your army, whether it is Dust, Infinity, Warmahordes, 40k or Fantasy, we want to see them. E-mail your work to!

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