Monday, February 13, 2012

It's gonna be fun on the bun! Sammy's Project Explosion!

Well its been awhile but sammy's back baby! I'm gonna start this right, here is some WIPs and some done projects that i think everyone will enjoy. Some of you may remember a certain razor back project that i was working. (if you dont here is the link.) here is a couple pics to wet your whistle.

and here is some more wolves WIPs

not only have i been doing some conversion projects I've also started a fluff army. pre excommunication Soul Drinkers ! I've got about 1500pts Primed and about 4 colors done. This so far has been just a throw together army and has been a nice break from the space wolves. I'm using the blood angels codex, playing a decent of angels list and its only been a blast.

"jeeze sammy you sure do love marine armies?" well anonymous it turns out that i have also have started a Tau army. I know, I know "but Tau suck..." and all i have to say to that is you are completely right! the codex is awful but man when I do win a game against some terrible noob it is like nothing I've ever felt before. hmmmmmmm.......noob...... anyway here is some pics of the fish heads.

its good to be back guys and as always drop some bombs below and let me know what you think.

Samsquanch Out!


  1. To win with Tau requires a bit more luck than some other codexes, but I disagree that they suck. Disturbing but nicely done rhino.

  2. Tau need more than luck. They need inexperienced opponents who are not playing any 5th edition codex's . I miss my Fish heads. I don't miss my opponents turns, and they rarely missed me. It was a nasty love triangle!

  3. The tiny headed dreadnought looks a little strange to me, proportionally.

  4. Your not the first person to say that. Hmmm guess I'll change that.

  5. Hold the phone Sammy, GW's version of the vendread is exactly the same and it doesn't look bad either. It is a friggin' guy hardwired into a giant robot body ... so yeah, it isn't going to be proportionate. I don't think that looks bad and as a rule, I only put weight behind non-anon comments, just based on experience anyway, lol.

  6. I can honestly say that this post is great. I'm inspired to start hobby-ing again because of it.