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Pre-Depticon! 1850 Adepticon Primer 40k Tournament March 24 @ Game Links!

Are you getting ready for the Adepticon 40k Championships? Need to sharpen your 40k spurs and fine tune your list? Maybe you aren't going and just want to play a similar format? In any case, DFG will be hosting an Adepticon Primer Tournament at Game Links in Fowlerville, MI March 24. Here are the details:

Showtime: We ask that you arrive at 10am, no later than 1030am so we can sort pairings.

Start time: We will announce pairings and start rolling dice at 11am.

Army Lists: Army lists will be printed and will use the army builder format. Please bring 4 copies (one for the judges and one for each opponent. This means that if you don't have Army Builder, then you should type out your list, ensuring all upgrades, points costs, stat lines and powers are listed with each entry - or you could just ask somebody with army builder to help you out, lol.

Equipment: All players will have a copy of their codex, a tape measure, templates, the 40k rule book and dice. We also recommend that you have a copy of the INAT FAQ on hand.

Mission Format: There will be three, two-hour 1850 point missions, very similar to what you will play at Adepticon, with the only real modification being an alternate scoring system to ensure an overall winner after three rounds (Adepticon Championship is seven rounds - we just don't have that much time). Missions will come out shortly. Lists will be drawn from current codices, no Imperial Armor entries.

Additional scoring: In addition to points scored for victories, players will also be scored on the percentage of their army that is fully painted and sportsmanship.

Painting scores:

75% - 100% of your total units painted completely = Full Points (15)
50% - 74% of total units = Half Points (8)
Less than 50% of the units in your list: No points (0)

To clarify, what we are basing this score off of is the total amount of units in your army (imagine kill points before combat squads or breaking up crypteks, wolfguard ect.). So take a look at your list and the FOC entries and count them. This will give you an idea of what needs to be painted and based before the tournament.

Sportsmanship: Your sportsmanship score will play into your overall score, but more importantly, being a good sport is just being a good person. Playing with our toys is supposed to be fun and while we have never had a serious problem at a DFG tournament, we don't want one. Players with repeated issues (with TO involvement) will have their day's score dropped to zero.

Winners will be picked after the final round based on their scores with prize support going to the First, Second and Third place generals.

Painting Contest: Between the first and second rounds, there will be a break for lunch. During that break, each player may submit one painted model for the Art of Warhammer Painting Contest! A prize will go to the winner!

Players Choice: At the end of the tournament, votes will be collected from each player for Players Choice. Players choice will be the player who showed up with the army that the crowd thought was the coolest looking army there. The winner will also win a prize.

Door Prizes: If there are enough participants, there will also be a couple of door prizes! Anybody who wins another prize during the tournament will not be eligible for a door prize.

FAQ info: Because this is an Adepticon prep tournament, we will be using the Inat FAQ posted on Adepticon's Web site, make sure you check it frequently as it will likely change between now and then!

We look forward to a great tournament and having a lot of fun! Keep your eyes open for the missions and we look forward to seeing you there. Here is a link to the Adepticon 40k Championship Web Page, where you can get a feel for the kind of missions you will see. Here is a link to the Inat FAQ 5.1.

If you have questions about the tourney, the paint contest or would like to pre-register, please contact us at

For scenarios and schedule, check this link!

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