Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Battle Creek Valentine's Massacre 1500 Point Tourney Results

This last weekend, CVinton and I attended a great tournament held at Titan Games in Battle Creek, MI. Cvinton stood in as an assistant Judge, taking a little weight off of the TO, Mike, who threw a great tournament. Let's look at some photos from the event, discuss the armies that showed up and a look at the over all victors!

Just like all tournaments, there is always at least one battle that is just ridiculous for one reason or another and this tournament is no exception. The battle that made my day was one I didn't even play in; Horde Orks vs a Horde/ Kan wall army! The killer Ghaz at the top of this post is one example of Orky awesome we saw on the tables, but was easily the most memorable one (Three Boss Poles, Ghaz has so much swagger). Unfortunately I didn't get to see the fight as I was doing my best to keep the Death Wing from catching the Necrons, but here are some pics CVinton took in between judging!

Aside from the giant ork fight, there was a very diverse field in Battle Creek. Interstingly enough, there were no Grey Knights, Nids or Chaos Space Marines out of 24 players. Here is what the field looked like:

Imperial Guard - 2
Necrons - 2
Tau - 3
Dark Eldar - 2
Daemons - 2
Orks - 3
Sisters - 1
Space Wolves - 2
Blood Angels - 2
Black Templar - 1
Dark Angels - 1
Space Marines - 3

With such a diverse field, anything was possible and Xenos were in a good position to place in the top tables and while they did, it was the Imperial Guard that won the Day. Here are the top three:

1. Charles' Imperial Guard
2. Alex's Necrons
3. A tie - Josh's Tau/ Steve's Dark Eldar
The mission format leaned heavy toward ties in the first and last mission and those who were capable of pulling the win, did so with skill and reaped the rewards! I just want to note that this is the second tournament I have been to recently that Tau took third place in!

As for my day, I tied in fifth place after facing Space Wolves, Death Wing and Battle Wagon Orks. I had come off a business trip and had travelled with 1850 of tyranids, thinking that the event was 1850 for some reason. I tried to jam the stuff I had brought into a 1500 point list, but didn't trust it. CVinton lent me the Necrons, which I have had some experience with lately and just rolled the dice. I took two ties and one victory over the course of the day, but more importantly, met some good people, laughed my ass off a lot and had a great time.

One of the things that made the event even better was the store. The crew at Titan Games run a tight ship and the gaming area was clean and any problem we had, even a blinking light bulb were taken care of post haste. The store itself had a ton of stock, so the impulse buyer in me managed to pick up a box of Lychguard to make Crypteks and Lords from!

Overall, I would like to thank the store, the staff and Mike for a great day out and a well-run event. If Mike throws another event before I move, he can count on me being there and for me to bring some fellow DFG crew along with me!

With all this talk of tournaments, check out the event DFG will be running at Game Links in Fowlerville, MI March 24th. The event should be a blast and we are looking to fill that place front to back and wall to wall with 40k for the entire day. There will be prizes for painting, players choice, just walking in the door and of course being in the top three!

For more information on Titan Games, check them out on Facebook! 

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  1. Sounds like a great time. I was hoping to make this one, but real life stepped in. I will definitely be at the one at Game Links though!