Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Bits Trading Night Tonight, Bring Your Armies, Bring Your Bits!!

Old School here to drop a reminder that it is Bits Trading Night at Evolution Games in Lansing, MI tonight. The majority of business should start around 5-6pm and go throughout the night in addition to the usual gaming and painting that takes place at the store every Wednesday! There will be plenty of stuff there to pick through and I am sure that both cash and bitz (and whole models and maybe armies) will exchange hands tonight, so come on down and check it out.

I know most of the DFG crew will be there with copious amounts of 40k and even Fantasy stuff. All game systems are welcome and encouraged (looking at you Vogrin!). I for one will be bringing bits from Chaos Marines/ Daemons, bits and models for Space Marines, Bits for ogres, an Epic army and more. Hopefully, I can score some cool stuff while managing to not be talked out of some of my favorite stuff (I am a horder and I hate to see it go, lol), but all is fair in love and bits!


  1. OST are you interested in some chapterhouse tervigons at all?

    1. Sorry, man, I may not make another Big Momma spider, but if I make more tervigons, they will be the GW version.

  2. That is cool. I figure I can find someone who doesn't wanna shell out for the new ones, just gotta find that person!

    I hope the bitz trading went well. Do we know any news on Evo at this point?

  3. Bitz night was awesome. Lots of folks came out and found what they were looking for, money and models traded hands and we may even see CVinton whip a dark eldar army back and forth shortly!