Thursday, February 23, 2012

A Salute to the Tervigon: A Gallery of Amazing Conversions!

Old School here with a salute to the Tervigons of the "Golden Age" - A time when there was no model for everyone's favorite New Nid. I tried to include as many Tervigons as I could, though for every one of the photos here, you could likely find ten more out there! With the new model here, we can rejoice as players and hobbyists, but at the same time, it ushers in the end of an era. Enjoy the pics and please if yours is featured, give us a shout out, so people can track back to your site, I do not have the time to link them all. If you have a conversion that isn't featured, leave a link in the comments so people can follow and check it out! This is for you, Big Momma!

Big Blue above is one of the first Tervigons I ever saw on the internet and certainly one of the first to impress me!

A Huge Creamsicle lady!

This is what I would say became the standard for the Tervigon and I think it still works now.

This model was easily one of my favorite third party bugs.

Big and scary, I think this one should get a stat boost!

I love the third ed. Tyrant in this model!

My first Tervi from the Kraken days.

Phil Kelly's Tervi, I hope you got dibs on the next codex, Phil!

My current Behemoth Tervigon! The Original Arachnarock Tervi.

The best painted Tervi I have ever seen.

Followed closely by this one.

Synaps3's great Tervigons are an inspiration.

Jungle bug.

A mostly scratch built bug.

A scary bug!

Another Creamsickle ... something really grosses me out about that flesh tube!

And last but not least, the Tervicrons!

I hope you have enjoyed the pics. The Tervigon has fascinated me for the last two years with all of the insane conversions out there and I am glad there is an internet to share all of this inspirational stuff! Long live the birthing bugs!


  1. Awesome, posts like this gets my hobbyist ADD running :) i got the urge to paint å few nids and set up a grizzly battle between them and my wolves ^^

  2. Mine's the de-facto Carnifex conversion as it was my first effort at conversions in a long while and I wanted it not too dissimilar from the Carnifex so we could proxy it back again if need be. Anyway it's here: