Friday, February 24, 2012

Easy, Effective and Cheap: Necron Destroyer Lord Conversion!

Old School here with a conversion I made from spare parts to become my Destroyer Lord. The destroyer body was a bit I grabbed out of a friend's bits box for free about two years ago and with all the great bits Necron players end up with after building their models, I wanted to build my lord on the cheap and with a unique look all his own.
 So, having the hover body, I needed a Destroyer lord torso and since CVinton had a couple laying around after making his spiders, I performed some favors in return for the torso (friend stuff, nothing funny!). With that in hand I reached into the sprues. I wanted to make a unique warscythe too, so I had to look around.

I bought a Praetorian box with the door prize money I won at a recent tourney, which I am using to build crypteks, so I looked at some of the stuff I won't be using from that box and I plucked the best Lychguard head (IMO) and a spinal piece and added them to the model.

The scythe originally came from my Annihilation Barge's left-over Lord, so I plucked it, but the blade looked week, so I went back to the lychguard and borrowed an idea I saw on Eye of Error and simply turned to Hyperphase Blades into the head of a Warscythe.

You can see here how the bit comes on the sprue. I suggest a steady hand (maybe at the end of a good caffeine buzz rather than right after killing a Monster, lol.

From a tabletop down perspective, the weapon achieved the look I wanted!

Overall, the Praetorian parts worked out well, added a little flavor the old D Lord was missing and gives me something unique. By the way the res orb arm came to me from the elbow down, so I used an arm from the lychguard box (from the wrong side), cut it in half and re-positioned the arm to make it work.

I plan to try this guy out soon as I have been whipping the double Douche Canoes (catacomb command barge lord, name courtesy of 11th Co.) back and forth (and love it!), but I want to see what I can do with just one Canoe followed up by the D. Lord and some friends. Worse comes to worse, I have some fun with a good conversion and tighten up my game a little, being that I will be down to one court as well.

That is all for today, I have some more crons in the works and some Nids on the painting table! Let me know what you think!


  1. I like the necrons overall, the only thing i at times miss is a lack of individuality for some models. I do however like this guy, i think it has potential to be awesome when it's painted :)

  2. This turned out really nice! I may have to incorporate some of these ideas when I get down to making my own lord.
    I am going to follow your site and add you to our blog roll at Great article!

  3. I really enjoy the simplicity and the straight-forwardness of this conversion, OST. Solid work that produces a great fig!

  4. Thanks guys, more to come, I promise!

  5. "I performed some favors in return for the torso (friend stuff, nothing funny!)."